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  1. so..... why was this guy left there yesterday only for the same thing to happen again this morning??? I sure don't like waking up to find my little neighborhood on the Atlanta news!!
  2. Yes! post when you find out about Asbury Woods. My husband left at 4:30 this morning and the police and an ambulance were already at the corner of Jamie and Shelby then.
  3. Hey you - - I wanted to add my two cents! We take the kids to East Paulding - everyone is wonderful there and we are extra, extra fond of Nicole Fishman, the nurse practitioner. She totally goes the extra mile. She is the one that diagnosed Max with what we had hoped would be an innocent heart murmur. He seemed fine, but she sent us on to a cardiologist just in case. As you know it totally wasn't fine and had she not taken the extra time and extra steps, who knows where we'd be. Her experience comes from working in a NICU for years. She's also opening up a lactation clinic in the fall.
  4. get this, I just thought of it: years ago my opthamalogist told me to remove my mascara every night with this stuff. Heh.. I've been using it on my dang eyeballs everynight for probably a decade...
  5. reading further, it also contains formaldehyde. The lawsuit also alleges Walmart's Equate brand. Can't trust anything these days!
  6. I can second that for Nicole the Nurse Practioner at East Paulding Pediatrics. She is absolutely wonderful and attentive to every detail. She saved my newborns life by recommending us to a cardiologist for what we assumed would be an "innocent heart murmur". If she hadn't caught what was actually something much more serious, we would not have him today. East Paulding Peds: (678) 945-8300
  7. If you enjoyed my big hill of a driveway in Asbury Woods over the snow days, can you please come pick up all the gadgets you used for sleds? They're still in my driveway. Thanks!
  8. That is hilarious! It's so wrong what they're doing to Conan!
  9. mmmmm.... breakfast!! pancakes, sausage, and hashbrowns! ... then on to family game night.
  10. If nothing comes up through the cat scan or MRI, you might consider chiropractic. I've seen a lot of relief of vertigo within our office.
  11. At the time of diagnosis, they believed ADHD and bipolar as well, but wanted to wait and see (the doctor that is). I myself have wondered about aspergers. We have called and talked about this with his mom so many times, but she cries and claims she just doesn't see this at her house. (You won't see it much though if he is always glued to a gameboy or Tv... or whatever..) Anyhoo... I'm ready to tackle this monster (the ODD! ) And I would like to see a professional myself to learn how to deal with these behaviors. Thanks! thank you too for the "Explosive Child" tip... I'll look into ge
  12. I was wondering if there were other parents out there dealing with an Oppositional Defiant Disorder child. My 8 year old stepson has this disorder and although diagnosed, his mother has done nothing in the way of therapy... or maintenance of any kind. As the stepmother, and with my stepson living in Savannah, I need resources for myself on living with an ODD child. TIA!!!
  13. 64 oz applejuice for $.99 (that's awesome!)
  14. Thanks guys! We really appreciate it! hmm... 4:15 on a Fri... this one may have to wait til Monday... that should put the hubby in a good mood!
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