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  1. Thanks, Satellite, your 2 pennies are worth a lot more than the adolescent "contributions" from many others to this post. Neither theft nor harassment should be tolerated by mature adults, regardless of politics!
  2. In the words of George Carlin, “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” So, GD, since you have already won this contest, I'll ignore you from now on. If others choose to continue an adult discussion about free speech, property rights, and the need for civil discourse, I'm glad to participate.
  3. No, the signs are well away from the road (definitely on my property). Also, the thief has only taken the Nunn and Carter signs, leaving the others (for state senator and state representative). But thanks for the post. Sorry about your missing sign.
  4. Crossroads, I love unions too (as any sane working person should).
  5. So, glassdogs, I guess you think it's really ok... and even funny....that my property and free speech rights have been violated. Others who responded to this post have indicated that they may not agree with me but they respect my right to express my opinion and vote according to my own conscience. You, however, just keep making adolescent jokes. So, once and for all, do you think it's ok to do this? If it were your friend (or kid) who committed this crime (and yes, theft IS a crime), would you congratulate rather than criticize him or her?
  6. No, it's Paulding style politics... small-minded and cowardly. Chicago has nothing to do with it.
  7. As usual, I'm struck by the lack of diversity, both in the group holding up the signs and in the candidates they represent.
  8. Another Carter sign was stolen last night or early this morning... despite my 'Private Property; Stealing signs is theft!" sign right alongside it. That's six signs so far.
  9. Good point, Pubby, but there's no point in pointing out facts to people like Glassdogs who apparently get their information from Hannity, Limbaugh, and Fox News. "Obummer"? Really, how childish!
  10. No, I already caught the local teens... they were just getting ready to trample the signs (not steal them). They ran like scared rabbits when I started after them with a mean look and a threat to call the cops. And you're absolutely right about removing all the signs tomorrow evening; thanks for the reminder!
  11. Glassdogs, Even though you don't have a clue what I think about the second amendment (or anything else for that matter) I respect your right to express your idiotic vitriol.
  12. Getting your truck keyed is lots worse than stealing signs (even the approx. $25 that mine cost). I just can't understand people who cannot allow others to have their own opinions!
  13. My neighbor, an Independent, had been researching the issues and candidates and was already starting to lean towards the Democrats in this election (altho she has mostly voted Republican). In particular, she is disgusted with our ethically-challenged Governor. This crass behavior from some idiot just put her over the edge.
  14. Oh that's so very funny. Apparently you don't see a problem with theft, property rights, or interfering with somebody's first amendment freedom.
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