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  1. Unfortunately, yes it was WGFM that let us go. But it was under Tanner's management that they did. The hirer ups of Tanner are actually the ones that let us go... And as of March first Tanner & WGFM are one in the same.. It's really a shame that they were blind enough to see what a great and patient loved person Dr. Thompson is.... Really it's the patients that are going to suffer.


    That stinks! My little one is due for shots and your not there :unsure: I quit using WGFM and made an appointment with Dr. Miles. Do you think you could come calm me down before the shots? :D Just kidding! We miss you and Dr. Tompson.



  2. Did anyone see this on GMA? The child was unruly, the bus drives had to use physical force. What do you think?


    IMO....The bus driver did what she could, I don't think I would have hit the child with my fist though. I also like the fact the bus drivers daughter took up for her mom.



    edited to say: Bus drivers rock! I could not do your job.

  3. Many patients have spoken with me (Heather, Dr. T's nurse) and wish Dr. Thompson and his family all the best. They are still supportive of him and find what is going at WGFM very sad. I do wish our patients all the best and you are already greatly missed. Although I have not started back to work as of yet I am hoping to start soon. I hope to see familiar faces. Thanks for your support.


    Have you decided where you are going?


  4. We use a guy in Catersville. He did our taxes for $85.00 and we recieved a bigger refund than H&R block every got us. The name is H&H accounting. His father also does taxes, he usally has a line over 75 people on Saturdays.

  5. overit,


    Let me check with CatSnip and get back to you on that question. I think you'll just be on the edge of being able to fix her, but we'll see what can be done.


    Thanks I can't keep all the kittens and I don't need anymore.


  6. I have a stray that just gave us 6 tooooo cute kittens. All fluffy like her. When cat snip is in town the kittens will only be 5 and a half weeks old..Can I still spay the mom? See is already back out..if you know what I mean :D



    PS. Anyone need a kitten? :o

  7. Thanks for the info now I don't have to go to Cobb County

    I had the same issue. I went to the Carrolton office. Less then 10 minutes, and I was out. I went to Marietta first and forgot to pack my lunch. :lol:

    They also forgot to process my card and I never got it.

  8. I have noticed a few people having baby girls on here. My little one has grown out of her newborn to 6 months clothes. I am going to sell them, and was wondering if anyone is interested. I was planning to post them on craigs list, and thought I would ask here first.

  9. I am sorry. It is such a blow to know your child is sick. My son has a left temporal aracnoid cyst, I found a group that you can read blogs on these conditions. Alot of members and the children have the chari also. Try arachnoidcyst.org. I hope the website will be helpful.

  10. I am wondering how many of you have children with ADHD? My son spent 6 hours in testing to come to the ADHD "label" or "badge of honor". We spent 2 years without meds because I was so against it, but made the decison to try them. My son can not focus without his meds. He has never been a behavior problem, he would become frustrated and cry alot. . Best decision for my son. But you make the chioce, you are the mother and know your child the best.


    As far as the morons preaching about the parents not parenting what a crock of sh*t. If you have a cold do you run and get advil cold or say "colds are over diagnoised, I think I will suffer".

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