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  1. I would avoid...day care, stores, schools, the doctor's office. Heck you might want to grab your foil hat and just stay inside!
  2. Congrats! My only advice, rest up! My children are 10 years apart, rest while you can. Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!
  3. Taking his gift for the day, will make him think...for that day! The minute you leave for work, your wife will give him a gift. I would remove all printers from your home, and start working on the main issue. Next week you will have to take something else from him, and so on....because you are not taking care of the root of the problem.
  4. The last post TJB made, he explained what he meant. I choose to not get involved in God talk!
  5. Did you mention he was at Nebo? I ask for the fact Mr. Murry is the SEBD teacher. He is fantastic! If Dis jr. has him this year, ask him for help and suggestions.
  6. I may seem like a heartless bitch, but I truly understand what you are saying. I can not thank the people who came and sat with my daddy and my own kids, so I could have 30 minutes to myself. You have every right to be all those emotions, and then some. But, I know from experience the anger will eat you up. Talking with other's is something, I couldn't do until 6 months after my daddy died. It's great you can, hang on to that support...you will need it. It seems a lot of people on here have watched their loved ones suffer, and are willing to share their stories with you.
  7. How about I just ignore you like normal? It must be hard to be perfect...as you try to appear.
  8. I am someone who has been in his shoes. I am who I am! Who are you to tell me what to do? Exactly who? Yes, you can tell them apart. Glad you were able to have help.
  9. It is easier to focus your anger on anything, other than what you are truly angry at.
  10. Really? I haven't mentioned my religion! I mentioned bitter and angry. It's hard to be a care giver and work outside the home. Pushing people away who are willing to help, due to anger, makes it harder on him.
  11. From the above post, I gather as long as a religious person is giving you anything but prayers you except their faith? It takes a long time to figure out what faith or religion you want in your life. I have walked in your shoes, just a different disease. You are at a place where you are mad as hell, at God. So, trying to talk with you about my experience isn't going to help.
  12. Lost both my parents with a month of each other. The man is bitter and full of hate. He needs help, if he chooses to continue on the path of anger at anyone that "prays" for him.....he will soon be all by himself, wondering who can I hate now! Guilt, blame, and anger will eat you up inside!
  13. Wow, and you wonder why people abandoned you? You are filled with so much bitterness and hate. You need help! Seriously, the Christian's are still praying for your family from afar. If you belittle them like the above post, no wonder they can not be around you.
  14. Hate to tell but any adult that prey's on children, doesn't deserve anything that is FAIR!
  15. Actually it's about a Christian man standing by his convictions on same sex marriages.
  16. I really try not to pay you any mind. Trying to keep up with what you say, puts me on your hag, bitter, and nasty level. I choose to be happy!Bless your heart. Misery loves company, and I find myself liking happier company.
  17. You made some great points! There is nothing wrong with children taking dance classes. There is something wrong with people who choose to call innocent children sluts.
  18. And you my dear should know, a christian is a christian 24/7...not just when they are home! I can see you really do not care there are different views on this. You just want to be the loudest hypocrite and have your view heard! We see you! We hear you! Your job is done! Congrats, you have now taken this topic into the most annoying "right" fight! Yeah you!
  19. Gollay, looks like a struck a nerve. Nothing is wrong with my comprehension skills. It's his company and unless you have stock or work for them, your "little" interest will not change the fact that Chick Fillet is successful. He is not the only company that has made their belief's public. It's his belief that marriage is between and man and a woman. That's his right, if he chooses to preach that at his business, he has that right. He has been running a Christian based company since he opened it, and this little blurp will not hurt it. I doubt, you refusing to eat fried chicken will preven
  20. So you think it's okay to discriminate against him, for his religious belief's? I will call you a hypocrite. He has spoke of his faith for as long as I can remember, openly! Who cares, eat more chicken...or not!
  21. WTH just happened, is your wife placed the blame on you for your daughter not getting new shoes...because she was being selfish. I would never do that to my husband or my daughter! Looks like you are raising 3 kids instead of 2!
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