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  1. I think we have some left over tile from our bathroom. I will check. My husband is a contractor, so our garage is full of stuff. Make me a list and I will see what we have. Home depot does sponser things like this. You can go and fill out the papers at the store.
  2. Thank you LR. I am going to copy this and put it in the scrapbook I am making for my grandmother.
  3. Good lord! What the heck is wrong with people? Taking pills to kill your child is unacceptable. Trying to flush a baby which you have carried for 7 months, makes me sick. There is no excuse for this behavior. NONE!
  4. Thanks, my 2 little ones keep me busy. I have no free time, but woudln't trade it for the world.
  5. I have an air hockey table, that I would like to donate to someone for their kids Christmas. I would prefer it go to a family who really has nothing for their children to open on Christmas morning. If you know of someone either respond here or PM me. Thanks!
  6. Oh my goodness, I saw Lady Raider. I didn't know who you were till now. I got a lot of great deals too. Cindy I love my shoes.
  7. Just make sure you keep yourself in check. You are new to him and he may be trying to figure you out. Stay calm and try to be aware of your actions. If possible give his mother some slack, she may be as clueless as you. Best wishes with situation.
  8. So you don't think he should have pay for doctor bills?
  9. If the parents are not supporting you....why not go to your administration? I agree some parents would rather not deal with the school system, but the school administration has been "dropping the ball" alot lately.
  10. overit


    John and Chad Self. I have not found anyone that is cheaper or honest. Self Mechanical Services, INC. 770-732-9358
  11. I call my grandmother every year on my uncle's birthday and the day he passed. We have the best conversation's about him. She seems less lonely and actually cheerful to share memories about her son.
  12. No ideas on the hair......but Congrats on the pregnancy!! You to GAlinemanwife. I hope you 2 have an easy healthy pregnancy!
  13. I need my sofa and loveseat steamed cleaned. Do you guys do that and how much?
  14. They are suppose to help our children not kill them, hopefully one day things will change. This is so sad.
  15. Oh no, why alleergic reaction? Prayers to all who lost their precious babies.
  16. I am truly sorry for your loss, we lost our uncle 1 year ago this month to cancer.
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