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  1. Moderation on this site sucks ass. Can't even have a trucking discussion without you all screwing it up. EDITED TO REMOVE VULGARITY
  2. Perhaps heterosexual marriage should be illegal - we seem to be the ones producing the gay babies.
  3. Whre did all the discussion go? I do enjoy the excellent moderation on this site.
  4. Doesn't bother me at all. I believe Acworth uses them.
  5. If you want an Android app I can help you out.
  6. Too bad they didn't do any bloodwork. Sorry you can't get the Zofran. You might look at the free clinic network to see if you qualify. Also, you might ask them for Phenergan for the nausea, it is much cheaper i believe. Down side is it will make you tired.
  7. Ok. The symptoms you listed can be associated with aspartame sweetener. If it were me (and the bloodwork and CT were normal), I'd start with my diet and try to identify if there was something causing the issues. Could be a combination of things. Hopefully they at least gave you a prescription for Zofran to help with the nausea. The neurologist should be able to get you back to normal.
  8. That should be a fun trip. You might try NutiCharts Lite. It is free and comes with ActiveCaptain. ActiveCaptain is user data added to charts. Provides great info for marinas, tides, etc. You can download the Florida charts right from the app (about 350mb). If you don't buy/download the charts it uses your data connection to load the charts I believe. You have to sign up at ActiveCaptain.com for a login, but it is free and worth it. NutiCharts is the only Android marine navigation app with ActiveCaptain. Also, I don't think NutiCharts has a chartplotting feature, so you might en
  9. Reminds me of the David Allen, CEO hat on Squidbillies.
  10. What is the problem with eating horse meat?
  11. Amazon - Prime membership is well worth it Bedside - an full screen clock/alarm clock with lots of options BofA CamSanner - Use your phone as a scanner, creates pdf's also Chrome CloudPrint - allows you to print from your phone to your home printer Craigslist DirecTV Directv Remote Dolphin Browser - I keep that one set up for full web site viewing Google Drive Ebay Handcent SMS - for texting instead of the factory program K9 Mail - Works with cloudprint to print emails Marine Navigator - turns phone in to a chartplotter, allows use of free NOAA Raster charts NOAA Smart Buoys - B
  12. I used them one time years ago on a Wrangler and had very good results. I stripped off as much stuff as possible first to minimize taping, etc. That price didn't include any bodywork, just the paint. The had a few imperfections to touch up, but not too bad. Honestly, bondo and color match paint goes a long way. The key is the clearcoat and buffing.
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