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  1. Anyone been to Cafe 4:13? I have been in a couple of times. The burgers are great. The breakfast was good, biscuits are awesome. Eggs...different story. I like eggs cooked in a pan with a little butter or low melt, NOT on the griddle...just MY opinion on the eggs. Salads, they could be better with shredded cheese, bacon bits, and some romaine tossed with the iceburg. My only real drawback is the vibe that is obvious sometimes. and that is given off by the owner/chef. Seems very uptight, and agitated. Does not have that relaxed dining experience. Hope he can make it! It could be a great Cafe!
  2. This has been a very hard loss for our family. Steve was a great man. He was a man of God, he loved his family, unconditionally. His children were the Jewels on his crown. He was so very proud of all of them. They are devastated. He loved those grandchildren. He was very involved in their lives. They will miss their Paw-Paw Steve. Several years ago he re-stored his friendship with his exwife, the mother of his 4 children. Now, they are apart again. As a big brother, I could not have asked for a better one.I know cheryl feels the same way. And we are lost without him. His 3 nieces & Nephew
  3. My prayers are with Jean, David, Cody, and all the family. He will be missed, great man. Never forget all the times working for him. R.I.P. Captain Eddie!
  4. It happened pretty much less than a minute when I started the topic......the call for the air ambulance to be cancelled was while I was typing the post....The wreck was probably down the road from the intersection.....I just hope whoever they were going to put on that helicopter is okay. I posted that 25 minutes ago.
  5. I am listening to the PCSO scanner, they are calling for a life flight to land at Baker's Bridge & Ridge Raod. Anyone know what is going on?? Don't sound good..... Just heard them say the "air ambulance" can't fly out from Emory due to bad weather....YEEKS! That can't be good!
  6. I was very shocked by this. I have know Pat for 9 years. worked with him, and he was always a outstanding officer. And a great person from what I knew. Something must have happened in his life, or either he was a totally different person away from work. Praying that he can get his life in order from here on out. Prayers for his children too.
  7. Looks around 30-40 minutes from now, Hiram is going to get hit with some storms that includes hail. You can see it on WSBTV's.COM radar. Just a head's up for those who are up...hopefully these storms won't be too bad.
  8. Can someone tell us what quarter it is??? PLEASE.......
  9. I hope he gets the help he needs, for sure. Depression is hard thing to deal with. I heard the call on the PCSO scanner Sunday night. (I wondered if it would come out.) I heard the supervisor on duty from the PCSO, request that all traffic (radio traffic) reguarding Glenn Richardson only be transmitted via cell phones. I knew immediatly it was to be kept quite if possible. Then today it was on the news....Someone could not keep there mouth shut. Maybe Glenn, or maybe not....He might not had a choice. I bet he didn't.......No matter what, I am glad he is doing well, and I pray he continues to
  10. RIP Mr. Alsobrooke.............Prayers to Nick, Deanne & Paul and the rest of the family.
  11. No call for me yet either......................weird! oh well, I heard it straight from the BOE! LOL
  12. I heard that this morning too. I bet the schools will be closed the rest of the week. They should go ahead and make a decision so people can make arrangements for their children. Maybe they will today, I am employee so when I hear I will post.
  13. Jeff is a old friend, a lot of good times spent with him and the gang at the Fortenberry's. I hope he is at peace. My prayers go out to his Mom and family. He will always be remembered with a smile and missed. "Hollor Head"
  14. Is this the accident with the school bus????????????????? someone said they called the school board. Does anyone know???
  15. I heard that call also. I thought they were not going to respond, or did I get it mixed up with another call????????????
  16. That is the craziest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is up with that??? She needs some parenting advice!!! Hope they give her some! My Gosh!!!
  17. I just got on PCOM & started listening to the scanner. They just gave a call to Hiram PD, a armed robbery at J & M food mart in Hiram. That is the Shell station across from the movies & ROSS. It was a silent alarm sent in to the security system. I live about 2 miles from there! Hope it was a false alarm........
  18. Thanks for the update Wineguy. We went to church with the Brown family, at Poplar Springs Baptist. My daughter and her best friend was in the youth group with Trey and Brittany. We all are heart broken. I burst out in tears when my daughter told me tonight. I think the world of Trey and his entire family. Trey was a awsome person, he was always cutting up, making someone or all of us laugh. He was a great person. I still can't believe it. Our prayers and love are with both familys at this tragic time. May God watch over them and help them through this. Again, just heartbroke about thi
  19. I was in Grands and saw that Coach Phillips had passed on the front page of the Dallas new era, I was shocked. I had not heard about his illness. I came right home and got on PC.Com. I had him for my PE teacher in High school at PCHS. He was the nicest, funniest man. I really liked him. My prayers go out to his family, and friends. He will be missed.
  20. I loved him! He was one of my favorites on the Andy Griffith show. Him and his love for Charlene. That was so funny. He will be missed! It's me, It's me It's Ernest T. Rest in Peace Ernest T.
  21. My prayers are with your family on this very hard week. I too know how hard it is to lose a very dear and close family member. The times in life when you celebrated them, or with them, such as birthdays, holidays, or just a family dinner. When they are not there any longer, there is gap. And that gap will never be filled. My Daddy passed away last November, from a sudden illness. It was so hard, and even harder now. My heart goes out to all of the family. May God Bless and be with all the family during this time.
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