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  1. I am the eternal optimist, with my head in the clouds, hoping for a brighter future. Once you choose hope, anything's possible. ~Christopher Reeve
  2. I love Facebook The changes haven't really bothered me at all.
  3. I used Netzero back in the day. I'm not even sure if that's still around.
  4. I was just adding to what you were saying. People are quick to judge before taking a good look in the mirror. Or a look at their own genes in this case. We're all flawed one way or another ... like it or not. People do need to learn from history. As they need to stop and think about how they are going to feel when the Nazi's come after them. I mean where do you draw the line ? Very scary indeed.
  5. There is just something awesome about making others smile How wonderful
  6. When I was pregnant with our first child. My ex husband was VERY concerned about the kiddo inheriting my lazy eye. Nothing at ALL ran in his family .. the eye was his only concern. Years later, we find out MS runs in his family. I don't know about you .. but I would rather deal with the lazy eye vs. the MS. People need to be careful casting stones and pointing fingers. That karma train comes fast and swift. Just sayin
  7. I only mentioned my own experience with Autism as information. Leave it those with small minds to turn it into simple attacks. This isn't about " me " or how " I " raise my kids. This is about vaccines and Autism. I really wish some would grow up. However, it is what it is. Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people
  8. We love Chattanooga. We go the zoo and aquarium there vs. Atlanta. It's well worth the drive
  9. For those looking ... Stars and Strikes is having a job fair today from 11am to 2pm.
  10. I know what my purpose is in this life. I feel incredibly blessed for it. One book that helped me was Karmic Astrology is something that I recommend to everyone.
  11. I don't mind them splitting it up. We're all DVD's here anyway. The kids are pretty excited to here that they are adding in game rentals. They tried Gamefly and were very disappointed in the service.
  12. I can't wear foundation. I have eczema on my nose. Every time I wear makeup on it, I end up looking like Santa For those that also have it, I have found a yogurt mask once a day works wonders. That being said, I just wear bare minerals tinted powder and I avoid the nose. One bonus though is after years of almost always being makeup free, my skin is actually even toned. I don't need the foundation anymore. I will pass this on to my daughters though .. they are always having to throw makeup out because it doesn't match their skin tone. LOL, love it
  13. Thanks for defending me Pubby I've never thought highly of Dumbest . My kids do have some social issues, but other than that .. they are all highly intelligent and very effective in society. The world is big enough for all of us. People like her with small minds, I guess they also live in a small world. We didn't know about the Aspergers, until about 6 years ago, when the oldest was diagnosed. Would I of stopped having kids earlier ? Oh no. My kids are awesome. They aren't disabled in any way ... just a little weird ... I don't necessarily view it as a bad thing.
  14. She's always had a thing for me I've had her on ignore for years. I dunno why she finds me so irresistible
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