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  1. Hope they get this guy the help he obviously needs. Usually the crackheads shop at the other gas station down the street from there.
  2. I love the satisfaction when you get to the same place without having to drive all crazy!
  3. Several years back I was shopping at the Hiram Kroger and kept ending up on the same aisles as Miss Jessie. Dang near scared the crap outta me when she looked up suddenly and told me "Die, you white devil b*itch" and then spit at me. Since then.. I honk, smile and wave when she's out. (I be staying on her 'good' side.) But it saddens me that she can't seem to get the mental help she obviously needs.
  4. Hey I saw you... I'm glad you're ok.. and I'm glad you found p.com!
  5. Again... I hope 'he' is ok. McGramps down, McGramps down. I miss Grey's Anatomy
  6. I hope she's ok. Is it bad that after reading this I immediately thought... McGranny down, McGranny down
  7. Did the dog bite the child? Or did they just want animal control out ASAP to pick up the dog?
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