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  1. We have filled out the form at the Marshal's office. We have given our private information. The home next door to us is owned by a gentleman now in a nursing home. His son allowed a family - yes small children also who were "down on their luck" to move in there. They don't just have litter in the yard, there are bags of trash stacked up in their driveway. Filth is not even the word. The marshal has done nothing. Not one thing. They said that they have 30 days to clean it up or they fine the owner. That was 3 weeks ago. And they haven't made a move to do anything. In the interim
  2. Guys - my post was deleted. Let me clarify. I am not a business. I happen to work there and was just giving a heads up to all on pcom that there's a ton of stuff and great deals if anyone needs any flooring. We are still in business but doing strictly commercial now. All residential flooring that was in stock is up for sale. Simply Floored 1691 Sands Place, Suite A Marietta, GA 30067 Directions: Cobb Parkway (Hwy 41) past Dobbins going south. Go to Enterprise Way and turn left. Take 1st left onto Sands Place. Go down to 1691 (on left). We are in Suite A. Phone #
  3. Yes, he graduated from PC. He's the taller of the two.
  4. From what my daughter told me, he was 21 years old.
  5. ???? does anyone know this information please? Thanks.
  6. What time does the parade start this year?
  7. I know, I haven't been on in forever. don't ever seem to have time anymore. We are all doing well though. Any of the "oldies" still on here? Lesley ever peek in and say hello? I know that she moved. What about Peace?
  8. Hey girl! How have you been? I just saw this thread and thought I shout at ya! I personally like the sushi at Taki. But MoMoYa in Douglasville has some awesome sushi!
  9. These are good friends of ours. Their house was filled with antiques that had been passed down for generations. I'm sure she's absolutely devastated. Calling on local families to try and get clothes together for the family. 2 males and one female. Working with a group now to try and get a few things together for them. Their daughter lives close by so I'm sure they will have a place to stay.
  10. Cannot imagine the grief of this family. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this time.
  11. Same guy. He's a cousin of my husbands. Very, very sad
  12. Very, very sad. How terrible for her parents. Her sister was in a horrible wreck last year and spent a lot of time in recovery but she's fine now. This is terrible news!!!
  13. My son in law played football at PCHS with Trey and my daughter also knew Trey from school. I had the opportunity to meet him only once. What a terrible tragedy. Larry Nix photographed my kids for years and I hate this for his loss.
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