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  1. If your kids are vaccinated, why be scared to have unvaccinated kids around yours? Afraid the vaccination didn't work?
  2. I didn't immunize my girls as babies, my 18 yr old just finished her shots. Never had ear infections either, her only thing is excerise induced asthma. 14 and 12 yr old, same thing, never had ear infections and just now starting the immunizations. As babies, their immune system is NOT developed yet and I've read so many things bad about immunizations in babies.
  3. Thank you! Just gotta keep praying as they go through these next couple of days then weeks ahead.
  4. The Pierce family is in my thoughts and prayers!
  5. Thank you for the prayers.
  6. Prayers being lifted for the Pierce family. I ask that you also pray for the 3 young kids that were there and watched the whole thing unfold. My daughter was one of them. Have faith in the Lord!
  7. the school is doing something about it. but they were allowd in school because nothing has been put againt them at school yet. this wasn't intended to be the senior prank. this was inteded to just do what they do every year and do the road way.. but they took it too far. our senior prank was not destructive to school property at all..
  8. Totally agreed, but even being involved doesn't always help. Teenagers will be teenagers. They knew what they were doing was/is wrong.
  9. One of these girls was going around spreading rumors back before the Christmas break that my daughter was charged a felony for hitting a car in the school parking lot..which was NOT true.....KARMA KARMA,
  10. I'm just so thankful my child was not in anyway involved in this!
  11. I took my daughter to the visitation last night, she was a classmates of Denver's. WOW, what alot of love for the Cail family I saw. My thoughts and prayers are with this family in their time of need. May God keep his loving arms around Scott and Nicholas as the days pass by. Teresa
  12. Please keep this family in your prayers!! Rest in peace Mike!!
  13. I brought this back forward to let everyone know that Steve's unborn baby at the time of his death was born on April 27, 2005. IT IS A BOY!! Connor Steven Boone! Now his wife Mary is raising their 3 beautiful children. Connor is one now and is a spliting image of Steve. Mary is my best friend! I just want you all on PCOM to know that she is doing good. Still is hard for her at times. This Oct will be two years! Mary has gone back to work full time this year, she has not worked since his death. Just keep her in your prayers for the guy that caused this accident, has yet to face any pu
  14. Steve was my 6yr old daughter's soccer coach. He will be very missed. Prayers go out to his wife Mary and family.
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