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  1. Oh my gato! Yes man get some Priorities well there ya go maybe he's one of the calls
  2. We passed it about two hours ago and there were 4 cop cars and a woman sobbing? Anyone have the scoop?
  3. I and another pcommer were at Michaels when we saw the billow of black smoke. We were one of those crazies parked behind Sam's to get a better look. It went FAST.
  4. Thank you, my son was with a friend not 15 mins. before that accident - I freaked out when I heard about it.
  5. I can hear the sirens and the chopper from my house folks coming this way - high schooler said road is really backed up took them 20 min longer to get here
  6. No no fire - there were there over an hour ago - when the highschoolers got off the bus, my informant saw it but there were no sirens and no smoke.
  7. bottom cul -de-sac, house that had the racing flags up for a long time
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