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  1. Someone's car won't start one day next week.
  2. I thought it was a "news item" and thought it was in the Cafe to begin with. I just left it in the Political Forum because it is going to end up there anyway. Gomer and I talked it over but I didn't have time to call Andy about it. Guess this one goes in my employment file, uh?
  3. I goofed. I thought it was in the Cafe. Guess I read it wrong. Or I just assumed it was in the Cafe where nearly everything is posted. I'll let it stay here because that is where it will end up anyway.
  4. I'm going to keep this in the Cafe for now because it is news. When, not if, this gets overly political, it will be moved to the Political Forum. Goob
  5. Daisy, you've lost your ever loving mind. Andy really is going to kill you. LOL!
  6. http://www.npr.org/2012/05/06/152145766/george-lindsey-goober-pyle-dies-at-83 You haven't gotten rid of me yet!
  7. Use this pinned topic for todays roadway closures / questions for 9/24/09. HELPFUL LINKS: PAULDING COUNTY ROADS: http://www.paulding.gov/newsupdates/details.asp?id=541 http://local.nixle.com/paulding-county-sheriffs-office/ COBB COUNTY ROADS: http://dot.cobbcountyga.gov/road_rept.htm DOUGLAS COUNTY ROADS: http://www.celebratedouglascounty.com/view...0Transportation AJC LISTING OF ROAD WAYS: http://projects.ajc.com/maps/metro/road-cl...-metro-atlanta/ NAVIGATOR, the Georgia Department of Transportation's Intelligent Transportation System http://w
  8. Let's not go there yet folks. No need to further stir the rumor pot.
  9. Per the PAULDING.GOV website: PAULDING COUNTY WATER DEPARTMENT Posted : 9/23/2009 The Paulding County Water Department will be closed September 23, 2009. The Water Department is experiencing a power outage. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Also, important info: BOIL WATER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT!! Posted : 9/23/2009 Due to the severe weather and flooding that we have experienced, several water mains throughout the County have been damaged by the flooding along with the roadways of the County. The Water System has experienced a loss of water pressure and/o
  10. CLOSURES AND CONDITIONS REPORT: DOT http://www.georgia-navigator.com/closures
  11. Here is a good map to check - it's put together with info from local authorities and the DOT: http://projects.ajc.com/maps/metro/road-cl...-metro-atlanta/
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