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  1. Please say prayers for this guy. I understand that he was awake and moving so let's all keep him in our thoughts along with his family.
  2. Must have been in response to the wreck on Mulberry Rock described in another thread. I sure hope the girl is ok!
  3. Quick hijack...LisaG, I live off of Friendship Church. Anywhere close to you?
  4. Ohhh...and i'd like to mention that the support of all the riders raised a LOT of money for the Bennetts! I'd estimate somewhere in the vacinity of over $5,000.00, although I'm not sure about that figure. I am always so touched by the outpouring of love and kindness in the hearts of people when there is a need. Before I rode a motorcycle, I never realized the dedication that bikers have, and I'm proud to be a part of such a giving group . Pcom is one of those types of "families" too. Just shows what can be done when people get together to help out their fellow man.
  5. Hello all My hubby and I rode in this ride today. It was to benefit Bobbie and David Bennett from Villa Rica. They were in a very bad accident in Daytona this spring. A lady T-Boned them which landed them both in the hospital for a few weeks before coming home and ultimately being hospitalized again. These two people have got to be the a couple of the best i've ever known. He suffered a broken hip and leg, and she has several injuries to her right leg including skin grafts, etc. Please keep them in your prayers and I'll pray that you all get to cross paths with them some day, you won't
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