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  1. This is Jeremy Hicks and I have not been on Paulding.com in a while due to no interest in this site. I was called this afternoon by someone saying I had made a post on here about the gun club. I have made no post on here myself nor do I intend to do after this one! I am attempting to delete this account once this post is added. I did find a post that the gentleman was referring to and then it disappeared again. So if the mods would like to close that post, I do not have any information about the gun club or glock. I do not know anything about the gun club other than driving by it. So pleas
  2. http://mdjonline.com/view/full_story/25246561/article-Glock-execs-indicted-in-bribery-scheme?instance=home_top_bullets the original title was "how long will gun club be around?" suggested there is/was a link between the Governors Gun Club and this article that notes that the sales executives at Glock USA were allegedly committing fraud by taking kickbacks to favor certain distributors ... The article does not draw any such ties and the topic headline was edited to reflect the facts of the article. pubby
  3. I use S&S $12 a month great service and prompt each week! If you would like their number let me know and I will get it this evening when I get home.
  4. Valerie Ochs with Perrotta & Cahn phone number 770-382-8900
  5. If you are seeing it at night you can not see the white sheet or what ever it is covering it and the old sign bleeds through to read the old name. During the day you see the new name on the white covering. I drive past every day and the covering is on it. Just at night when the sign lights up you see the old sign through the covering.
  6. If you will call me Monday morning or Tuesday Morning at my office Benson Funeral Home 770-445-9494 I have the number to the local rep in Cartersville or I have the paper work you will need to fill out and fax to the VA. If the Veteran has ever been to the VA Hospital they will have a copy of his/her's DD214 as well. I have a service Monday at Noon then have to leave to go to North Georgia for the burial so either call me around 9 Monday or any time on Tuesday. Jeremy Hicks
  7. You sound just like David himself...who showed up at my job on Feb. 7, 2014 to try and to get my boss to sensor my facebook post!!! Praise the Lord I have a boss who believes that I too have the right to free speech!! To me that is just wrong to go to someones employment to try and stop them from posting on facebook!! If you say something they do not like or agree with they run to your job? SHAME on him and the rest of you if you support that kind of behavior!!! I do not care what anyone says or does I will never ever stoop to that level!! As far as I am concerned you, King David and the
  8. No the land has not been taken under eminent domain and I do believe that is the last resort. Why because were they are wanting to build this will take up a roadway that we have a court ordered access to our property. So they would have to fund to build another roadway before cutting it off. This is a very deep hole the county is digging and with it this will be tied up in court, I will assure you of that!!
  9. Check into for yourself......The owner of the property will not sell it to them they offered him a large sum and he turned them down!! Believe me Pubby I have way more connections than you and know way more about the under handed tactics they have tried!! Go ask Blake where the firestation and 911 center is to go and then check on who owns that property you will find it does not belong to them! I will not say who it belongs to on this site but I do know!!
  10. They do not even own the land where they want to build the firestation and 911 center!! The agreement is they can not begin anything until they own the land and have a deed to it! So even if they wanted to they can not start anything cause they do not own the land!! Another Blake Swafford move, start something on land you don't even own!! When is this county going to have enough of his bully mentality?
  11. If it was such a priority looks like they would have already of purchased the property where they would like to build it!! But oh no that would be the same way they attempted to open the airport before buying our property until we put a stop to it!! I do understand that was part of this agreement with the FAA as well is they can not proceed with it until they have ownership of the property to build on!! So they may want to put this off on the citizens, but all fingers point back to the commissioners and Airport board for trying to pull a slick move over on us all!!
  12. I would say there was very tough decisions to be made some may not have been the best. But I can see that each and everyone of them are just as human as I am. I went by what the weather said also that we would get just a dusting and guess what I got stuck and had to fight my way up Buchanan hwy back home. The man has admitted his error and every single child was taken care of. If you do not like having someone else making decisions for your children keep them at home and homeschool them yourself!! I for one am very proud of the school system for their hard work and all they do for our children
  13. If I see conditions are not good for my kids I do not wait for anyone else to make a decision. I make it myself! The school board is human just the same as the weathermen are, they make mistakes it is your responsibility as a parent to protect your child! Just the same as many employers did not see this getting this bad, that is why so many are stuck! When I saw this moving in this morning I sent my wife to the school to get our children and get them home. The school system went off the information they had and that was we would get a dusting, which turned out to be way off. Thank the good Lor
  14. This is noahsdad's wife...I am a stay at home mom and I never watch the Dr's but I did today and watched that segment of the show! I am appalled at what happened! Whether you want to call it bullying or not, someone pulled that child's hair and caused all of that! It is horrific! I tell you what, if someone did that to my child, I wouldn't be making phone calls, they would see me everyday until the matter was resolved! I can't believe the school system said nothing happened! I don't see how they could say that! A person, eight years old or not, is not going to pull their own hair out o
  15. My grandfather purchased our home place around 65 years ago and we are at the west end of the runway! So I do believe we was there a hell of a lot longer!!! Our creeks are all full of mud now and we have little to no access!!
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