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  1. Oh....I'm so impressed that you did it on your own!! Hubby and I are about to hit the road for six months to a year (with 4 kids and two dogs) and I've yet to pull our 5th wheel. Just driving the truck is something I've been working on. So if you see a lady driving a big dually around Paulding that might not be doing it super great...well that's probably me :-)
  2. Most of the disaster relief organizations have specifically asked for people to not send clothes, but instead gift cards for clothes to be purchased. It's just too challenging to get truckloads of clothes in, sort them and distribute. Especially when the need is imminent. I remember working Katrina relief and the same was true. Bags of clothes was just too time consuming to sort through. Bottles of water, baby diapers and wipes, etc....and then gift cards were more of the need. The heart is good for sure of those wishing to contribute. I do not want to knock that, but the logistics of it
  3. We like it. My kids love getting the family deal with the huge 20" pizza, salad, and breadsticks. I can't eat gluten so I get the salad and can eat on it for 3 days it's that big. It's a great deal considering all the food you get for sure!! We haven't tried their biscuits yet, only the pizza. My daughter had it for her slumber party and her friends were all asking where it came from because they liked it (and also loved how huge it was ha ha). Hope they make it!!
  4. You can still get Hiram Coffee House Chicken Salad I think from Helena. Yes, she works at Home Depot, but I think she'll still do peanut brittle and the amazing chicken salad. Not sure of her contact info though. You might look for her on Facebook or even on here perhaps if she has an account. Truly sad it's gone still. Hiram Coffee House was just perfect for Hiram and soooo yummy and better than a Starbucks!! The cupcake place is hardly ever open. Don't know how on earth they make it. The cupcake and coffee shop in Powder Springs closed, but I THINK the tearoom in Powder Springs
  5. Rebecca Vaughn. She is over at the new facility on Bill Carruth
  6. You can sing it to the tune of Joy to the World as well.
  7. They have a super deal for a 20" pizza, large salad, and breadsticks for I think $20. It comes with either a pepperoni or cheese pizza. It's thin crust huge pizza which my hubby prefers. We got some for our daughters b'day party after getting the deal as a family and the girls at the party all kept asking where we'd gotten the pizza because they loved it!!! It is an odd name for a restaurant, which totally sucked us in...made us curious and want to try it. As my daughter said "makes sense to me...it's bread with meat on it in the morning and bread with meat on it for lunch and dinner af
  8. Well if you go, it's all on the honor system. You just pull in the first drive and pull back to the silo. there is a door on either side. Just stop your car and go in and there are coolers with everything. You choose what you want, write it down on the notepad on the counter and put your money in the big lockbox drawer. That simple! With field trips and things there might be someone in there, but most often they are around, but working. They might come say hi if they see you and see if you need help with anything, but very often they might be in the fields with the cows, etc etc etc....s
  9. Yep, bought all of that from them for years! YUM!! You can't beat raw milk!! My son is lactose intolerant but has no problem with raw milk (it's all the stuff added after it's pasteurized that causes the majority of milk issues) I have Crohns disease and don't absorb man made vitamins, the natural vitamins in raw milk absorb great though. Their eggs are awesome as is the cheese, meat, etc!! They honey is GREAT! It's from a guy that has hives last I knew around Paulding. YES I'd highly recommend it!! The milking process is clean and good, we've watched and know the inspector. We
  10. then after you're done go in the silo and pick up some raw milk (YUM!!), fresh eggs, cheese, honey, etc etc....Good stuff!! If available they have some of their meat for sale in there too, just depends on what's available day to do, but it can be roasts, pork chops, ground beef, sausage, etc.....Support local farmers!!! It's all on the honor system for the most part. Things are priced and you write on the list what you got and put your cash/check in the drop box. Super folks running a great local farm. We've been buying milk, etc out there for years. The pumpkin/corn maze fun is an added
  11. 728b

    Zaycon Foods

    I've gotten chicken from them a couple of times in the last year or so. 40 lbs of chicken doesn't take up that much space just so you know. Less than you might envision. But i will say the chicken breasts they have are HUGE and we generally cut them in half before freezing into serving bags so two would make 4 servings easily with most of the breasts. hard for me to imagine there are no hormones or anything in there....it's not organic though. But Surepip is right, bone in can be bought for less and is so much better. I like being able to pick up 40 lbs of chicken here and there, but over
  12. My husband needed to dress up one year but didn't want to go too far....so he was a 'runaway Macy's parade float' Which meant he tied jute rope/twine to the arms of little army men or plastic people and then pinned all over him. People had to ask him what he was, but once they 'got it' everyone went NUTS over it and loved it and some have done it since. Plus he loved watching people try to guess and then eventually having to tell them what he was....he's so silly (and lots of fun!!)
  13. They are now saying midnight tomorrow night. That truck must have destroyed the line for sure!!!
  14. As a foster parent my biggest recommendation would be to take the foster parent classes. I know that sounds crazy since you aren't fostering but I find it horribly sad that they don't require them for adoptive parents too! I have a friend that took the classes only because they adopted a niece of hers (similar story) and she was soooo thankful she did! The reality is although this precious angel is still a baby she has been affected since birth by their behaviour and there will be things that will come up that the classes can help prepare you for to know how best to handle it with her. Eve
  15. Comcast is telling us by 9pm TOMORROW now. At first it was by 6:55 tonight. But apparently it was a more complicated fix than they originally thought....ugh! For us it means no phone, Internet OR college football. Sigh....it's a book reading night!
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