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  1. I think I saw this same car flying down Cedarcrest around this same time and thought to myself the driver was going way too fast.
  2. Some of the consignment stores will actually purchase your fall/winter clothes and give you cash on the spot for them, unless you just want to have a yard sale
  3. so so sad. My daughter is a sophmore at NPHS. Prayers for all invovled.
  4. They are in Paulding. I had one run out in front of my car while leaving my neighborhood. There have been one or two spotted in a neighbors backyard
  5. I believe it was a wreck from last night
  6. Do the pencil test over your stomach or wrist and it will tell you. For the first 2 children you have, it should move back and forth, then stop, then back and forth again for your second son. If it moves back and forth again, you will be having another boy and if it goes in a circle, you are having a girl. This is how I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I was showing my kids how it worked and sure enough, circled 2 times for my girls then back and forth..... and he was a boy! I actually told the lady who did my sonogram that I already knew I was having a boy
  7. awww- I went to him, my mom went to him and my grandmother went to him.
  8. My parents live in Seven Hills as well and have no water.
  9. We once lived there but moved about 5 years ago. I liked our house-
  10. Hope all is well, sending thoughts and prayers your way. Hope she will be found safe and sound
  11. I hate to be ugly but I believe I would go sit it on their front porch-
  12. Where is it located and does it have football gear, cheerleading shoes, etc? Thanks for your help.
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