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  1. Is the "Café" gone? Am I looking in the wrong place?
  2. How do you find out what the password is for a particular forum?
  3. I give up. Tried to start a new post in the café and it doesn't work. Good luck and I wish this new site well!
  4. Starting to look like this could be a monster. Hubby was in Biloxi when Camille hit back in 1969. He said that people held hurricane parties. They didn't survive, Hubby rode it out in a big old brick school house a little further from the beach. He was in the military then. He had no option but to stay.
  5. The other night the power was out here from our area, East Paulding to 61. Huge area and power was out for hours. Came back on this site hoping to get some input. but alas....
  6. Where are the new topics in the cafe? I only see one.
  7. Not sure where to post certain questions here anymore, I'll leave this one to the mods. Anybody know what was going on off East Paulding and Mt. Tabor late this afternoon? At least 8 PC LEO vehicles with lights going had someone pulled over on a side street. Drug bust maybe?
  8. I'm old, but persistent. So, even though it tells me page is not available, it's obviously there and I'm obviously here. Just clicked on "forums" and bingo!
  9. Why, when I type in the website, it says page not found?
  10. DIdn't think that biscuit place would make it.
  11. Stupid, but serious question. Do any of our school tax dollars get allocated to sport programs like football instead of actual education like books?
  12. Really wish we could get more excited about a good restaurant or a good chain. Nope, Burger King?
  13. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/05/d-day-veterans-jump-country-75-years-historic-mission/
  14. If it's the area I think you're talking about, someone posted a while back that it was going to be a retirement community.
  15. Maybe I missed it, but any inner ear issues? Have you consulted an ENT?
  16. Not sure what to say except hugs and I agree with everyone else re a 2nd opinion. I don't know what kind of med insurance you have. That can result in all kinds of unfortunate medical road blocks and that sux in so many ways. DH has got so many health issues now I can't even begin. But Mrs H is right, sometimes it's just the old wisdom that discovers the truth.
  17. Boss/Friend is a big fan of hers. He was telling me about a book that he just finished called Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. She's the same author who wrote The Girl on the Train. He said this book, for him, was even better.
  18. My son's a huge fan of Audible. He has a long commute to and from work everyday, and that's how he gets his "reading" in. Re Lewis and Clark, I read an historical fiction novel years ago - Sacagawea, about their expedition. Really good book.
  19. Just got my new assigned book for my book club. "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon. I know it has been a huge bestseller, and I believe my son requested it from me years ago. So, anyone reading anything they'd like to talk about? Please folks don't turn this in to a political thing...
  20. Indeed I have and indeed he does!
  21. Anyway, worked with a great girl/woman back in the late 70's. Yes, I'm old. Her husband, who was in a really good band at the time said Pat Benatar, along with Madeline was ballsy. Coming from a male in a rock band I would say that's a pretty good endorsement. From what I've read over the years both she along with Madeline Kahn were actually trained in opera. One went on to be an amazing rock voice, and the other carried her voice to some of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I shant sing rom Love Is A Battlefield or do quotes from Young Frankenstein/Blazing Saddles.
  22. Do any of have you have cats who insist on taking over your key boards/lives? Not right. She is so amazing!
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