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  1. I am looking for a singles group for folks that are over 40. Are there any that are currently active in Paulding? It's kind of difficult to get out and meet people when you have a busy schedule, and the bar scene isn't it. lol
  2. It looked really ugly. Hope all involved were OK. That is a bad intersection.
  3. I came through the intersection about an hour ago, and it looked like a very bad accident. Lots of emergency vehicles, and traffic was being detoured around it.
  4. We were coming home via Business 6 about an hour ago, and saw an accident involving a motorcycle below the courthouse, going toward Hiram. There was a lot of law enforcement and emergency vehicles there, and it looked as if someone was gravely injured. Hoping for the best for those involved, but it did not look good at all.
  5. Love that chicken from Popeye's.
  6. GEAUX, TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great game, all defense, between the two best teams in the nation. Period. Bring on Stanford or Oklahoma State (with that crappy defense and slow offense) against ANY SEC team in New Orleans - another title for our conference. Proud to be a Tiger!
  7. It sounds like you were very blessed and you must have many wonderful memories! Bless you!
  8. To all the girls who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or get married, a piece of Biblical advice: " Ruth patiently waited for her mate Boaz." While you are waiting on YOUR Boaz, don't settle for any of his relatives; Broke-az, Po-az, Lyin-az, Cheating-az, Dumb-az, Drunk-az, Cheap-az, Lockedup-az, Goodfornothing-az, Lazy-az............ A nice, solid piece of wisdom.
  9. Agreed. I have a very strong feeling we'll be seeing him again. And you can coach for a rival team if the money and conditions are right - and if he brings the expertise, he will be accepted at that rival school. It's business - period.
  10. I visited the World Trade Center in the fall of 1996. We went into the vestibule of one of the towers - there was a wedding taking place there, and we stopped to watch - an interesting place to have a wedding. We wanted to go up to the observation area, but they wouldn't allow anyone up that day - there had been a Nor'easter the day before and the clouds were still very low - when looking up, we couldn't even see the tops of the buildings. It was heart-wrenching to watch such powerful structures fall, and much more so to think of the trapped souls inside. The memorial at the footprints of the buildings is beautiful, and it's a symbol of our country going forward, as is the construction of the new tower.
  11. Urban will be back - too young and too talented to hang it up so soon. Now THAT would be an acquisition.
  12. I agree - I want it to be competitive. And I haven't forgotten that Bama is lurking out there and will be a big snake to step over for LSU to win the West. Now, an interesting question: If Richt should be canned, any ideas about candidates to succeed him?
  13. The New York memorial was beautiful. And the Kennesaw Mountain tribute with the field of flags was very moving. God Bless America!!!!
  14. Very well said, and a good analysis of the way it works, especially in the SEC. This comes with schools that have strong traditions and legendary pasts. And I have to agree with you about Florida - Georgia loses that one and it will definitely be time for Richt to put out his resume. And there will be some top-notch program out there ready to pick him up.
  15. Carolina could win the East, but he's got to beat us in the West for the crown. Geaux, Tigers!
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