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  1. Presidential Rainbow 1. Double Rainbow - On Nov. 3, 1980, this double rainbow appeared in Tampico, Illinois. The rainbow appears to end on top of the First National Bank, where Ronald W. Reagan was born in an upstairs apartment. The next day, Mr. Reagan was elected President of the United States of America. A news correspondant reported that President Reagan kept this photo in his desk drawer, taking it out on days when he needed a little inspiration. Photo taken by Lloyd McElhiney (Also available with postmark cancellation, with R Reagan 37 cent stamp) The promise of God's everlasting
  2. Thank you Madea for the re-post "Instead I think he has put the community in a position that it will be difficult to recover and that is the part that will be more difficult to forgive." That is one way of looking at the situation, I prefer to see it as an opportunity to show the state what our county truly believes. Once again, he was 19, this is not a pattern. He has made amends to those involved. He was not in office. I WILL NOT THROW STONES and I would hope that our community would not either. He may very well prove to be a source of pride for our county this time nex
  3. I agree. Jesus also said to the adulterous woman "Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more." Unless Mr. Stout persisted in this behavior in his later years I don't see the relevance in re-hashing it. By the way as we are so busy trying to trash the reputation of Mr. Stout, who was 19 at the time, is the mother-in-law not also culpable? Why is her name not included in the story? The fact that she is not running for office now should not make any difference. If we are so intent on re-hashing this story let's produce the full cast of characters. Why is the name of "Mrs. Rob
  4. Instead of Paulding county being "embarrassed" by these results, let's just show the world that we are forgiving of the irresponsible acts of a 19 year old boy. Since that time he has (from what I gather) made apologies and restitution to those hurt by his immaturity. None of his exploits happened while he was in public office. He has shown himself to be a fine fellow in the way that he has tried to correct a past wrong. In fact it looks as if this was the reason he began to re-examine his life. Some still need to. How many of us would like the exploits of our adolescence opened
  5. My son took a few pictures while we were in the procession: These were taken at the grave site: (with the Spirit of '76 looking down) Seemed like the entire city of Canton and even Cherokee HS lined the streets from Sosebee's to the Nat'l Cemetery. Jason has a new mission now; he has joined other heroes to "guard the streets of Heaven"
  6. Our family is preparing to go to Canton. We hope and expect the same today from our community. JJ we can never thank you enough. You are an inspiration to those who have served, are serving and will serve. You are one of the best from Paulding. You are our HERO RIP Marine
  7. This is just the beginning. Party like it's 1776
  8. Thank you and the other Patriots for what you do. DH, younger son and I will be there. I expect a strong showing from our community.
  9. Since they sound like doves...? If times get any tougher, you may thank me. Mourning Dove Sautee Posted By: Joey Buddenberg INGREDIENTS 3 dove breasts per person 1-2 stalks fresh celery (it's enough for 2 meals) 1-2 carrots (it's enough for 2 meals) olive oil (butter if you prefer) rice (white or brown) bottle of a nice red wine (merlot/rioja/chianti) yummy
  10. I counted 86 people in that picture alone. There were people still showing up after the shot was taken. The comments made by the Post Commander as we were staging for the tribute are worth sharing. He said " We are all Americans and this is our responsibility to show respect for those who have given their life for our defense. We make this tribute not only for the service members of today, but for the Veterans of yesterday and the ones who have yet to serve." I was so proud of the parents who included their children. One little boy next to us got so excited when he heard the roar
  11. It will be our honor to be there with at least 6 flags.
  12. Jason (JJ) was a very fine young man. Our sons both played baseball and went to EPHS with him. He was one of Paulding's finest. A fine student, athlete, ROTC cadet and friend. A Marine who fell while defending his country abroad. We can never thank him enough. He will now join that short list of other local young men who by their sacrifice are inspirational to us all. He is a hero. RIP PFC Jason Estopinal Claire, Jason and Parker please let us know what we can do to help honor your son (and brother). You are in our prayers. -the Long family
  13. Lyndhurst, I know that there is not any true consolation any of us can give at this time. Sometimes being with other Christians as they are also experiencing sorrow eases the pain. Griefshare meets on Tues. nights at Westridge. I believe that Youth Pastor Brent Moxey is arranging counseling for you in "Life Flight." These are truly wonderful people. They experienced a loss themselves and are blessed to help others. Westridge calls itself a Hospital for the Hurting in our Community. I pray they can help. L'Chaim
  14. I just called Westridge. The ministry is called "Early Flight." The contact person is Senga Veale (she is our Director of Infants and Praiseland) I left her a message. Senga is a wonderful and loving person, I would personally vouch for this ministry under her charge. L'Chaim (to life)
  15. Thank you, it was. We just celebrated our 26th last August. I forgot to say, the driver of the pick-up was an off-duty policeman. He was the one directing the traffic for us, so he was not "buzzed." My brother and SIL's daughter is getting married next year. DH told her fiance' that he would be glad to offer "escape" advice for them if necessary. L'Chaim
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