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  1. Hello Pcomers.... Its been a while. I work at a Day Reporting Center which provides imtensive substance abuse recovery treatment to more than 100 individuals. For many of the men this is the first time in many years that they have become aware of their families needs instead of their own need for a fix. Due to the intensity of treatment, employment is difficult during the initial phase of treatment. I an attenpting to contact agencies who work at providing gifts to children during the Holiday Season. I would appreciate suggestions of any such groups of which you mighy have knowledge. I have as
  2. Now...That's funny!!!! I thought you might be game for some pool tonight?????
  3. I'm about to embark on a mission to find speakers for a myriad of topics to be covered with a group of about a hundred folks with some major programming needs. I haven't done this in some time so...I thought maybe someone might know of some groups who were responsive to the community. I know at one time..the county extention would provide programming as well as the Department of Natural Resources. We could use just about any topic...from "Dress for Success...to...Bachlor cooking....also things like quilting and the old Foxfire actyivities would be wonderful.
  4. The jackets were wonerful and will go to great use. I NEED YOUR NUMBER TO TALK WITH YOU... That would be super....we are having the event on December 22 so...Hubby could bring them home on the 21st if that would work for you.
  5. That would be wonderful....I won't get there until about 9:00 but Jim will be there. Special thanks to Southern Scarlett for just being her...and...bringing a truckload of size 16 clothes from her mother-in-law..as well as making cloth bags to put some toys in...and all the other things she does!!!
  6. Thanks to all who have contributed or tried to find some things for these families. So far I have crocheted about 20 hats and received items from the following P.Comers: Smoochie Mom - some wonderful jackets Kewlisa and Kelwil - super toys and a playyard Endless Yardsale- a great buy on a tree and a jacket BirdMom has also agreed to help. These sure are tough times for all... Special Note to Lady Raider....Your Thanksgiving feast sent via 'Wild Child" was wonderful! That Red Velvet Cake was...... well....... better than a "Better Than Sex Cake"!
  7. Oh my...I feel so much pain and so much denial.... She died today... I don't know what to do and feel as it I can't take a deep breath! I just can't imagine going home and her not being there or napping without her by my side.....
  8. Freebird, I called this great organization..... they provide wonderful services...unfortunately they only service Cobb, Cherokee and Douglas Counties.
  9. Thanks for all the wonderful hellos..... As usual...you all are incredible! In response to your suggestions and questions: Adult jackets are fine Items other than jackets would be wonderful I bought 2 jackets this morning at the Thrift Store next to Dallas Billiards. Smooch...I bet those girls are growing up...and I know for sure it is way too fast for you. KewLisa...Thanks for keeping this going... I don't get on the computer very often. , 'Que'
  10. One of the programs with the agency where I work, is a Day Treatment Center. 100 Participants are mandated to the program and the treatment is such that employment is not possible for the first three months. As folks gain recovery, family issues which may not have mattered in the past, become very significant and important. Even more than the Christmas needs, many of these participants have stated that their children do not have a warm jacket or coat! Sooooo it's back to the basics and if you happen to have in a closet a coat or jacket, in reasonably good condition, that your family members
  11. I am in Atlanta...West End and about to get in my car.....usually I-20 to Thorton...to Butler Industrial... Stupid me left my GPS home this morning....Anyone know if these roads are open yet?
  12. Urn! Are you havng a yard sale again? It's amazing how quickly we can find things we don't use anymore......I wish I was disciplined enough to sort through...but just don't have the energy anymore...this Narcolepsy has whipped me into submission. We do need to come over and pick up things from the last sale you had that I participated in and that piece of computer equipment. Post some updated pictures of your beautiful sons as I do not get on here often. Smiles, 'Q
  13. Contact Dermatitis...have you changed laundry soap or conditioners?
  14. Please don't! I would be all alone. Besides...I'm still laughing at the thought of a Tree Chihuaha . Those little Black and Tans already look like they are wearin' Ninja masks.
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