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  1. Good idea, I agree that something needs to be done. Catch22.. how are people supposed to know that - and why you have to put your own posts in upper case when you have vision problems I don't understand to be honest. My husband has massive vision problems too but it's other peoples posts that he would like to see better, not his own. To make a signature: - Go to 'My Controls' - On the left side go to 'Edit Signature' - Insert Text - Click 'Update my Signature'
  2. Not everything needs the 'legal' or 'illegal' tag on it. There's something called common sense and something else called compassion.. If you don't care about others, why don't you move into the mountains?
  3. What's with the uppercase screaming mode?? Anyways, the road is perfectly fine when going the speed limit (35 was ridiculous, I'm sorry), unfortunately, every now and then I have people PASS me when I'm already doing about 50, 52.. it's the reckless drivers who are dangerous, not the road.
  4. There was a two-car wreck last night at around 6.30 or 6.45 on Hiram-Sudie (yet again) that looked pretty bad. Anybody heard anything about that?
  5. I agree. Our baby is 10 months old, she goes to bed at around 8, which I managed to extend til 9 on the 4th because there were cook-outs and stuff going on so there was no way she would've gone to sleep at her nornal time. At around 10.30 the fireworks and 4wheler brigade started their BS. Thank you very much. It wasn't til after midnight that our baby went back to sleep. Some people just can't seem to see beyond their own tiny horizons.
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