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  1. I know I saw SWAT in the area not sure if that has anything to do with it going somewhere.
  2. Thank you I will call them tomorrow.
  3. Does anyone in Pcom land know of a decent affordable muffler/exhaust shop? We have a 98 Tacoma that takes a bolt on Catalytic converter that a previous owner had a converter welded in place. Would need the old one cut off and the new one installed. Or if anyone knows how to do this please let us know as well. Thank you Reed
  4. Voted but need lots more votes............
  5. CKarnes


    Does anyone have a Tmobile phone for a reasonable price? Or a phone that will take a sims card. My daughter's phone died. Please let me know. Thank you, Chris
  6. From the sounds of the music sounds like they are still having fun there. And no that was not a complaint. LOL Just woke up and thought the kids got home and the car music was loud till it was not going off.
  7. A little drizzle over here by Paulding High School. Not much at all though.
  8. Praying for all involved. Heard a lot of sirens heading there.
  9. Prayers said for your daughter and the whole family.
  10. No its the road after that one.
  11. Keep it going I am on 2 months and it gets better and better..... Amazing what you can smell after you quit and what is more amazing is how much the smell of someone smoking makes you ill.
  12. PCom needs a like button. Very well said.
  13. LOL like how all the women said they were not drinking it but the man tried it. Ha
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