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  1. I saw the sign at SPHS entrance that they are doing the musical Hairspray this week. I'm looking for exact dates and times and admission cost. I tried searching the school's website, and couldn't find anything. Please share any info you have. Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know what they are doing or adding in the east end of the Hobby Lobby building?
  3. One of the first people I met when I moved to Georgia. Bought hay from him for a long time. Very sweet and wise man. May he rest in peace.
  4. We need to get our bathroom remodeled. A complete flip. New tub, new vanity, new flooring, some drywall. You hear so many bad things about contractors. We're looking for recommendations on someone reliable. Would rather pay a little extra to get the job done RIGHT, than a cheap job and have problems down the road.
  5. Dr. Rebecca Vaughn! Office is located at Bill Carruth next to where they're building the new Hospital.
  6. West Georgia Mobile Vet. Low Cost Spay & Neuter and vaccines. I used them on my new cat a couple of months ago. Several others I know have also used them. www.westmobilevet.com
  7. Saw horses with wood stretched across them work good too. Or in place of the saw horses, you can use totes or boxes.
  8. I agree too. She should not benefit from this situation.
  9. Just bought the new movie, but can't watch it until hubby gets back into town. Can't wait!
  10. I guess I just needed someone to assure me I was leaning the right direction. Yes, I read about the pass and it's restrictions. We're not really big eaters when we're out and keeping busy. So we'll probably just do pay as we go. Thanks.
  11. Didn't know if I could say the name in the title. We will be going to Seaworld. I'm trying to decide if I should purchase the all day dining tickets or not? There will be 3 adults and one child who is 7 years old. I know we will eat lunch there and I'm sure a snack or two and drinks. Can anyone help me out with an average cost of their food there? Just so I can compare if they all day dining would be beneficial or not to purchase.
  12. There is Servpro of Paulding. They do excellent work. They do work mostly with insurance claims. And they can do the restoration as well. I found out that it is a locally owned franchise. So you will support Paulding by using them. PM me for phone number, use Google or the Serv Pro website for contact information. edited to remove contact information for non-commerce member business.
  13. Thanks for posting. Good information. I live just a few driveways down from the subdivision on Friendship Church. I will keep a look-out too.
  14. It depends. Did you make or are you going to make your own fondant? Or did you buy the fondant already made? If you bought the fondant, you can start working with it and using it once your cake is completely cool.
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