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  1. I've known the facts of the "hot coffee" case for years. and you are right. The case does prove that the media does distort the facts for their own purposes. I'm glad you're admitting that media distortion is real. Do you also believe tort reform was unnecessary?
  2. Heard it. And I still don't know what it was.
  3. I went to high school with the girl posting the pictures. She's a good lady. Good luck finding the camera owner!
  4. I am so sorry. I had no idea. I wish you only the best. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. {HUG}
  5. BB, I got a good picture of you from the truck. It is always good to see you, even from a distance. And, Lowrider, we saw your precious family on the route today!
  6. Cabe


    I will miss you, JohnnyJ. You've been on my heart for days. I pray peace to you and your family.
  7. You are putting words out there that Cathy NEVER said or even implied.
  8. So, vote him out. You won't find my support for him anywhere. I proudly punched for JK. Did I help split the vote? Maybe. But at least there's a runoff. Although I guess the daily Heath fliers will begin again.
  9. I never miss an opportunity to cast my vote.
  10. Whatever. You stay bitter. I'll move on. If you want her voted out, provide better options. There simply weren't any this time.
  11. And with his website, his ads, and pretty much every time he opened his mouth. I was completely educated and made the best choice for the 19th.
  12. Quite simply, there were no viable alternatives for me. Mrs. Braddock's voting record was good.
  13. I just find the excuses ridiculous. But, apparently there are those who believe that if the "news" doesn't come from here, you are voting uneducated, or you were "swayed by the money".
  14. Most of the Morrison donations did as well.
  15. You should have it now. You can verify however you choose. I've stated from the beginning that I don't know the background on these FiFas. I just know they are real and add up to a significant amount of money.
  16. I tried to attach it, it said it loaded. I can email it if you prefer. I just hated that mysterious was being questioned when I had actually seen the documents. No, that's a late filing, which is technically an ethics violation, but according to the article, she's going to fix that. Speaking of ethics violations, Michael Ray James has failed to disclose the source of his campaign funds.
  17. I'm not being "cloak and dagger". I have them in a PDF. I'm not sure those can be posted here. And, I don't know the background on the FiFas.
  18. I can email them to you or send you a PM of the site where they are located.
  19. I have seen the documents (there are two) and they are accessible to any one who wants to see them.
  20. Thank you, Mr. Chester, for being a good representative for our children.
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