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  1. My condolences to the family...My daughter went to prek with Christiana and they played together alot. Noreen was always there to volunteer and spend time with all the kids. I will always remember the fun times that we shared during that year. May God surround this family in his loving arms as they cope with this tragic loss.
  2. I can see both sides of this situation...however I have to agree with Doggies3. There have been many instances where I had to drive my elderly parents back and forth to the doctor/hospital. When someone has a medical condition where it makes them nauseous or they are in pain (post-surgery) you can't drive as fast as you normally would. A sudden stop or start can put undue pressure on the body and make the person's pain or nausea worse. I am not a slow driver, but I am cautious when driving under such circumstances and I try to be as considerate as possible to my passenger as well as other drivers on the road. I will stay in the right hand lane unless I need to get into a left turn lane. Everyone is in such a hurry these days...we all should slow down and consider this and think about how we drive. Is it worth the risk of serious injury or death of yourself or others to see how fast you can go from one red light to the next? I don't know about you, but I am willing to slow down and possibly be a little late to my destination than to not get there at all.
  3. I am just off of Nebo Road in Austin Plantation Subd. and Comcast went out about 11:30 Sunday night.....Still not working! I called 5 times yesterday and my husband called yesterday and this evening.........
  4. That's awesome! It will be great to get everyone back together next week! Hope ya'll have a great weekend! See ya Monday morn!!!!!
  5. Will miss you & Jazzy tomorrow, but I will definitely be there around 8:30....I missed today and I need it!
  6. So very sorry....this should be such a happy time. May God bless them and give them the strength to get through this. My heart aches terribly to hear of this. Prayers for all!
  7. I will see you all in the morning..heading to park right after I drop kids off at school.
  8. Always heard that if a squirrels tail is thick and fluffy ... winter will be cold and if it is thin winter will be mild.... The ones I have seen seem to have thick bushy tails...but who knows?????
  9. Hey TideGirl...so glad I found your post...really enjoyed our walk this morning. Great way to start out the day! Would be nice to meet more Pcom members...looking forward to walking again tomorrow!
  10. I will see you all there at 9 am....Renay
  11. Hey Tide Girl! You were reading my mind. I really need to start walking again and mornings sound good to me. I drop my 2 kids off at 8:15, so around 9 am sounds good. Let me know what days. It will be good to meet some p-commers.
  12. Edward Chicosky, aged 76 of Hiram passed away on Saturday February 28, 2009. West Cobb Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
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