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  1. Prayer lifted for you, LR, and your sweet family. I am so sorry.
  2. Bless your heart. I am so sorry. I will pray for you and your family. Niki20, with all those who responded before me.
  3. Bless all your hearts. You all are a testament to strength and courage, though some days you may not feel like you are, I know you are. I will continue to pray for you all. Dear mothers, may I ask something from you? Please, please I ask of you, pray for "Kim," who lost her 16 month old tragically less than a month ago. Only you know how deeply she and her husband and family grieve, and need your prayers right now.)
  4. I made the detour the afternoon for no reason! I am so happy I could just cry!!!
  5. Psychomom and Rev - I am so sorry to read this. Prayers for your family, loved ones and friends during this time.
  6. Prayer sent above for this dear one's family, and loved ones. He touched many lives.
  7. I found these particular statements from Judith McGrath on the mark: If you have talent and choose to remain in your own hometown, it's assumed you're not good enough to make it "out there.” If you do leave, make good and don't return, you're accused of being ashamed of your heritage. If you go, "out there,” make it big and come back the celebrity, you're showing off. I can't figure it out. – Judith McGrath Why do we pay top dollar to see an aging British rock star stomp across a weirdly lit stage, and ignore the local songster who puts on a free show in the park under the stars? Why
  8. (For some reason I am just now seeing this.) New Hope, bless you and your family. What sweethearts your family must have cherished and looked up to. I am very touched by their story. My thoughts and prayers are with your family udring this time. (hugs)
  9. Sure hate it someone was hurt trying to do a day's labor. Bless it. Prayers.
  10. Laurel Bay

    Van Gogh

    Van Gogh sold only one painting in his lifetime. Does the fact that the paintings weren't sold in his lifetime detract from their value? Not at all - you know the prices his work is selling for today. Consider art as a gift to the future - as are books, for example. They are a legacy to pass on. Sharon Specht, McGregor, IA, USA
  11. What most people know about art is what meets them upon entering a gallery, paintings with big price tags. There is a reason behind that, the gallery owner must keep the gallery doors open. Overhead, advertising and salary needs must be met, and artists must be paid a fair price for their pieces of work. This requires gallery owners to hike the price of a piece of art in order to take their 50% commission and keep their gallery open. No mystery here. Unless you like paying double for original art, purchase pieces for your collection directly from the artist of your choice. Huge sa
  12. Why Buy Fine Art Your home should be filled with unique and special items significant and inspirational to you. Art gives space life, and sets moods. Owning original art assures no one else will have the same piece in their home that you do. Original fine art is an investment. It can be passed down for generations, grows in value. In a hundred years when store bought decorator prints are long discarded, original art will still be fresh and new and more valuable than the day it was purchased. Many of the great artists of yesteryear were starving artists. Their work was under
  13. I was at The Playground of Dreams when a helicopter took off from a pad behind there about that time. Must be the same one. I couldn't read the markings, but it was blue and white.
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