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  1. Monday June 16, 2008 The debate last Friday night gave all 6 candidates running for Post 3 Commissioner the opportunity to address the voters concerning local issues that mattered to them. We were all pleased to see the large turnout. The entire debate will be broadcast on Channel 16, shortly. The format of the debate was fair and we all received an outline of the type of questions that would be asked several days prior to the debate. We knew that there might be some questions on the economy, growth, physical infrastructure and social infrastructure. We were also informed that ther
  2. There is no doubt that the spray field treatment plant is a mess! Even though it is treating less sewage than designed the ponds are 1980's tech and just won't do the job anymore. The County is currently building a new micro filter plant at the site which should correct the problem and increase the treatment capacity. I have asked for a tour of the new plant and would press them to expidite the construction. My understanding at this time is that the project will be completed by the end of the year.
  3. The Paulding County Republician Party will be holding a candidate forum this Saturday. Here is the notice. Our Next Meeting is Saturday, June 14th. During the election season, we are moving our regular monthly meetings to the 2nd Saturday of the month. Our meeting place and time will remain the same. Our June meeting is sponsored by candidate for Sheriff, J.K. Rogers and will feature candidates running for the Post 3 Commission Seat. This is a Special Election to fulfill the unexpired term of Hal Echols. The candidates running for Post 3 are: J. Garmon, Jr. Jerry D. Gatlin
  4. I hope many of you are planning to attend the debate for Post III Commissioner to be held at Chattahoochee Tech on Friday June 13th at 7pm. There will be two debates that night. The first is for Post III Commissioner and the second will be between the two candidates for Commission Chairman. Both debates will be hosted by Randy Evans and feature a panel (to be named later) asking the questions. The debates will be recorded for later showing on Comcast channel 16. A second night of debates will be held on Friday June 20th for the school board and Sheriff candidates. Please come out I
  5. Courthouse Tour Supplement As I said, you have to be impressed with the new Courthouse and Administrative building complex. Overall the planning and quality seems to be very good. There was however, one point that did concern me that I needed to get some more clarification on. There does not seem to be a Board of Commissioners public meeting room at either building. In asking the “powers that be” why there was no plan for such a room was told first that the Board meetings were going to take place in the old Courthouse in downtown Dallas. Well, that confused me because my understan
  6. With all politics aside as to the way the new Courthouse and Administrative buildings where approved and the issues facing the Facilities Group, I have some distinct impressions of Paulding County’s new facility. I was able to spend over 2 hours in a guided tour of our new government complex and I must say I was impressed. The design and construction of the buildings is well thought out and will be a point of pride for years to come. The two buildings were designed especially for Paulding County with input from those who will be using the structures. The Admin building will house al
  7. Well, this week is the moment of truth for this election cycle……. qualifying. All candidates for elected office must file their ”Declaration of Candidacy and Affidavit” then plunk down some money to run. In the sheriff’s race alone that is thousand of dollars. As I make my daily travels through the County talking and listening to voters I can’t help but take notice of the ever growing “yard sign battle” taking shape. I must admit if the election was based on how many signs can be put up on vacant lots I would be behind. But I don’t believe that the voters of Paulding County who are see
  8. My campaign for Post III in the County Commissioner’s election is picking up momentum. Many questions are being asked about my platform in this very important special election. Motivated by progressive and enlightened self-government, I am taking this opportunity to share some specific ideas that we share as concerned citizens. Issues or Opportunities? Clearly, we have many opportunities together in moving Paulding County to the next level. The focus needs to be on opportunities and not on issues. An issue is commonly a problem. I prefer to think that we are preparing ourselves for a f
  9. \Hello LPPT,Challenge is just another name for opportunity. As we grow there has to be a fine balance between services and taxes. We need the infrastructure to attract business therefore we need the revenue to accomplish the task. Sort of like the chicken and the egg. As of this fiscal year 1/4 of county revenue comes from sales tax, 1/4 comes from property tax with the remainder from charges for services, capital grants and contributions. What we want to do is decrease the percentage from property taxes and increase the percentage from commercial development. We will increase the commer
  10. Interesting the mixed reactions I have received since my announcement. It is nice to have people smile, shake my hand and ask "how can I help". It is also interesting to see and hear comments about me which are uninformed and just plain incorrect. Looks like there will be at least four people running for the Post which might mean a runoff in August. I am speaking at the Republician Party meeting on Saturday April 12 at Family Savings Credit Union, 342 Charles Hardy Pkwy, in Hiram at 9 am. Please come by and meet me.
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