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  1. You should call the number I gave you and try to get an appointment for him. I know this must be very hard on you as a mom. Wishing you and your son the best of luck!
  2. I emailed a friend who works in the psychology field and she told me to tell you this: She can call the crisis line. They will help her set up an appointment somewhere, even somewhere that does not require insurance if she doesn't have any. They can also send out a crisis team if needed. The number is 1-800-715-4225. Hope this helps!!!
  3. I think I know which office this is.. If they are in Douglasville and Villa Rica I'm sure of it. They were my pediatricians from the time I was born (29 years ago) until I was 17 or so. I absolutely love the docs but I don't think I can stand the office conditions and lack of time management much longer.
  4. Scary. So sad that there is actually a market for this.
  5. I think there's a difference between necessity (like your daughter) and an 8 year old who just wants to look like she has boobs.
  6. I find it shocking that you can buy *padded* bras for children. http://www.shopjustice.com/girls-clothing/soft_cup_bras/multi-dot-removable-pad-bra/5110245 The smallest size available in this bra (according to their own size chart!) fits an 8 to 10 year old girl. My 6 year old loves to shop at Justice and I admit, I do get most of her clothes from there. But, she won't be wearing a bra when she's 8 and certainly not a padded one.
  7. I love it! Hard to believe he is only 8, he looks so grown! I wish he was more cooperative, but I guess 8 year old boys have better things to do than stand around and smile, LOL.. He just really wanted to play with G the whole time
  8. HAHAHAHAHA! "Mom these bubbles didn't last very long did they?" Now we know why!
  9. Omg I LOVE that one so much!!! It is perfect!! And you even got a REAL smile out of Mr. Grumpy!! I'm in love!
  10. Thanks! She is the sweetest girl in the world <3 ! I can't believe she is already 6 years old.
  11. This is my daughter. I LOVE these pictures! Can't wait to see more!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
  12. Do they even learn letters, numbers, etc.. in GA Pre-k? I thought it was all "play".
  13. This is a good quick article with statistics, from 2009. http://www.edmunds.com/car-safety/sitting-tight-a-car-seat-overview.html "Here are some sobering statistics for parents: Motor vehicle crashes kill more children ages 14 and under than anything else, claiming nearly 2,400 lives and resulting in approximately 270,000 injuries each year. The vast majority of those crashes occur within 25 miles of home, and most occur on roads with posted speed limits of 40 mph or less." The article goes on to talk about the LATCH system, improper seat installation and laws regarding restraint s
  14. I don't agree with the seatbelt law for adults. In fact, I think it is stupid. If a competent adult doesn't want to wear a seatbelt, I have no problem with it (unless they are in my car). But having laws to encourage parents to properly restrain children is totally different. A child can't make the decision on what is safe. Crash testing and statistics have proven that carseats are safer. In reality, this law shouldn't affect anyone who is already making sure their child is as safe as possible. I am all for less government involvement, until it comes to children with crappy parents.
  15. The law would be for those unfortunate children with idiot parents. Maybe if they think they will get fined they will keep their kids safe. And the poster who said some people cant fit that many seats in their cars, maybe those people should stop having babies if they can't keep the children they already have properly restrained in a moving vehicle. Sorry, the carseat issue gets me fired up! LOL Oh, one more thing. So many people like to say the old "I didn't have a carseat and I'm still here.." but there are plenty of children who AREN'T still here that could be if they had
  16. I got about 9 texts from The Weather Channel between 1am and 4 am.
  17. I would only give meds if he is uncomfortable. You said he is acting fine, so I would wait and see if he improves or gets worse. Like Pc Shopper said above, our bodies are designed to fight infection with a fever. Let his body do it's job. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are great for a child who is miserable from the symptoms of fever, but there is really no need to give them JUST to bring a low fever down. If the coughing and sneezing are bothering him, Benadryl might be a good option. This is all just my opinion. Hope he is better soon!
  18. Totally agree with you! Especially on the shirts!
  19. OMG! LOL. I'm an only child, but that would be a great thread too.. Things your siblings told you or made you do.
  20. Good lord. It was a teenager. ALL teenagers make mistakes and do stupid things. Saying the parents raised an idiot just proves that yours didn't do so great either. I have a friend whose teen son died in TWD accident. He was far from an idiot.
  21. I didn't see that one, was this a teen or an adult that died?
  22. We used Off the Deep End Pools in Hiram. They were awesome! Dont really know how their prices compare (homeowners insurance covered it) but I do know they did a fabulous job and the customer service was awesome.
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