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  1. I don't know but about 20min ago the GBI and Station 7 and bunches of Sheriff Cars were there. If you hear post. Hope they did not find a body or a Halloween Trick gone bad.
  2. Prayers for the family and friends.
  3. Guess I am lucky I got my Husband to read one of the books back when the weather was so nasty and he was so bored he thought they were a hoot so now he has read them all and up to 14 and he is waiting for bad weather to read the next ones. I love the Plum books but I don't care for some of the other little series she has written, there ok just not what I really like to read.
  4. So very sorry for you and your family's loss, prayers for you all.
  5. It is not going to be Mrs. Winners it will be called something like Ga. Tenders Chicken or something like that. I ask them this morning when we stopped for a steak biscuit and no it was not nearly the same.
  6. So sad and so uncalled for. Prayers and best wishes for her.
  7. Best of luck to you and anyone else trying to stop or quit smoking. I have not had nor wanted a cig. since April 17, 2010. Amost a year. I am sorry to say that eventhough I knew I should I didn't want to quit or stop but very unexpectedly I became very ill and every time I even thought or to this day think about trying to light up I would and still do throw up. For some strange reason others smoking or second hand smoke is not a bother. I have always been told that you will feel soooo much better after you stop I am still waiting. May you have a better experience and may you stay stopped fo
  8. Unless I were going to build something I would have left the trees improved property or money made from the sell of the trees means more taxes to be paid. Ick.
  9. Age is just a number. You are the parent so when you feel that Your Child is responsible enough and you feel that there is a true need. But I'd really be careful and get one of those just dial a number phone, like a jitterbug, so there won't be surprise charges, not that a child would do that on purpose.
  10. Some days I wish cell phones would go the way of the transistor radio. Funny how much I use one now seeing as how I grew up, raised two kids, drove to the store, sporting events and even lived through a few boo-boos without ever hearing of a car or cell phone. I did feel real lucky though that I could find a nickel for the pay phone when I needed it, just told my age I reckon. You know that was a whole lot cheaper than a cell phone even when it went up to a quarter. I wonder how much it would cost to use a pay phone today if there was one to be found?
  11. Now I know I am not the only person that does not get out enough. Ok have to ask, will there be new tunnels also?
  12. Maybe you could post a last name one that looks like a recent entry. We have so many new folks in this area now. There could be someone that does recognize a name. I know you may not want to post the whole name, sometime its hard to know exactly what to do. An old Bible can mean so much to a person. I found a Bible and it had a name and church bulletin from a church in Hiram. I mailed it to the Pastor of the church listed on the bulletin. I never got a reply so I can only hope the owner received his Bible. Good Luck.
  13. I just knew that they (law enforcement) were there @11:30am and there was plenty of activity going on at 1:50pm. Two of us must have been posting at nearly the same time sorry for the double post.
  14. Does anyone know if something was going down with Law Enforcemnt around tenish (give or take) this morning, at the old Argo place? Look like a lot going on. Maybe it was good stuff not bad.
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