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  1. I can't believe that no one has said Tequilas in Hiram......that is our favorite one!
  2. notlisa

    Briar Patch

    How could you not know of the newest "Footloose"???? The opening scene is shot in Downtown Hiram!!!!!! At the Railroad crossing and the main character lives at the Car lot......If anyone hasn't seen this, it is a must see since our town is in the movie!!
  3. They just opened a Bealls at the East~West connector in the Target shopping center.....
  4. That is the honest truth....thanks for making me laugh out loud!
  5. I left Marietta at 11:44 am and just made it home! 2:30! I came down Macland Road and then got to Walmart...Hiram at noon....then it took me 2 1/2 hours from Walmart to the Ingles on Nebo road folks! I gave up on 92 and went down the back roads. turned around and then turned around. I was this close to walking home! But I hung in there and white knuckled it down Nebo road. I have a front end drive van and I made it up the hills.....so many cars are stuck and can't make it. I kept thinking of a flat road I could down....oops I live in GA not FLA! I never realized how many hills I go up and down. It was scary and never been so glad to see my road.
  6. Joans is your basic mom and pop restaurant that isn't fancy. But let me tell you the food is great. They have daily lunch specials with veggies. The biggest bonus for me is they have crushed ice!!! Everytime I go it is busy. Don't judge a book by its cover! Hey I say don't remodel and keep the prices the same!
  7. I turn my turn signal way in advance....I have been no where near the gore and people are flying on by...I am like geesh give me sec to get to it people! Downtown Douglasville is the worse in front of gumbueax (sp) the trun land is for two cars! I always sit in the gore with the other 12 cars....I will ask a Douglasville deputy if they do it... when I wait on them at the Cracker Barrel!
  8. Thanks for the tips..can I put my cooler at my seat early....and trust my neighbor at the same time!...or you carry around cooler?....
  9. see now I never even thought of those...thanks
  10. Hi everyone! Sorry I don't post much...but I read alot so I feel I know ya'll. I have never been to Atlanta Motor speedway and was wondering if anyone has advice on what to bring...which way I should drive...can I bring in food or just alcohol? Any info would be appreciated...and thanks for posting....you do keep me informed and entertained! Thanks Lisa
  11. Thanks....The late watchers are sure to be happy....I liked Astro...That is what upset me the most!
  12. You could have posted info on the inside...with spoiler or something....thanks...NOT...
  13. I was just reading a Topic on here....yes I might not post but I read alot! A p.commer stated it happened on "our street". I am writing this for every one of us that live off a street that is off a main two-lane road. For example Nebo, Ridge, 61, Hiram-Sudie the list is a long one. Please for the love of god pay attention...well slow down too... All I want to do is go home so I have to turn on "our street". I know we have just been going 58 mph down the road together but now I want to turn and for the most part I feel this makes the person behind me furious. I can't help it that I must slow you down for a second...But I live here!!! GET OFF MY BOOTY! All I am saying is most of us have just left "our street" or we are going to "our street". So if you are traveling on one of the many two lanes road...Please don't get mad at me if I want to go down "our street".
  14. Well I am not going to say anything about the Pcommer going to jail, But I will say that I was the one watching the "Stupid" wedding in Buckhead and got on the news for it! I had a great time....just went because....why not? I love creating memories so I went! For those that don't know.....I am Cracker Barrel Lisa on B98.5. I am their American Idol expert. I am on Thursday mornings at 7:10 and 7:20. I predict who is going home. I am been right on so far but was wrong this past week. I said Jacob was leaving...oops! Sorry to interupt the pcommer goes to jail thread.....LOL
  15. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
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