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  1. Nice attempt at twisting my words. However, I consider taking care of the education of children a part of "raising" them. Isolation is not the objective, but a good education is. Elitist - not hardly. I just believe it's not my job to pay for your kids education - it's yours. I'm glad you admire the picture of our clown president.
  2. Not true - the renters pay rent to the owner, who has to pay property taxes. The rental amount includes the property taxes. This failed logic is the same that progressives use when the say "we need to make business pay their fair share of taxes". The business pay taxes, they then transfer that cost on to their customers - just like the owner of an apartment does.
  3. I do pay to educate MY child at a private school, plus I "donate" yearly to the school system through taxes. The "it takes a village" crap is just that. It's your responsibility to raise your children, not mine. So keep your hands out of my pockets.
  4. I would not want to give the school another $400 - I do not use the school system, so the less I can give them, the better.
  5. Amen - vote the local board out if you don't like their decisions. That said - I don't use the government schools and would like my tax dollars back please
  6. wow, just wow. Our 11 yo has not had it and is not getting it - personal decision for us.
  7. naahhhh, can't do that, then you'd be mad because I threw a fellow pcommer under the bus
  8. There are some Indian casinos in Alabama. Some bingo halls and dog tracks, but no REAL casinos. I'm all for them - it's an easy tax on the stupid. Any that are on Indian land do not benefit the state coffers.
  9. Making excuses for stupidity - real nice. Mistakes are something done unintentionally. This was not a mistake, she made a conscience decision to leave the kid in the car. They should lock her in a hot car and televise it.
  10. Marc did a great job on my wife's MDX. Thanks Marc.
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