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  1. I agree. I thought that it would be alot better. This is my mom's favorite show along with All My Children. I just hate times have changed and they are taking them off air.
  2. This is my friends daughter. Shelby is beautiful inside and out.
  3. She was a wonderful person. All I can say is: Look what Heaven has gained!
  4. I am wanting to invite all of my mom's class mates from Dallas High School 1968 to her 60th birthday. It is a surprise party and I have most of the addresses that I need. If you or you know someone from this class, please pm me or call me 678-983-2858 so I make sure you get invited. TIA, Lana
  5. We had new metal roof and some gutters put on this year. Very pleased. Would recommend in a sec. Just ask for our guy Barry.
  6. My son and I just got back a few weeks ago. We also used Jill's Magical Travel. She was so good to us. My advice is to have patience. At Disney(Magic Kingdom) We took some bottle water and a few snack in my backpack, got on the train and took it to the back of the park. We worked from the back to the front. We didn't wait but about 10 mins. in lines. Watch fireworks and then went back to resort. At Animal Kingdom did the same for water and snacks but when we first got there paid $15 to rent stroller. Was the best thing we did. Enjoyed our days there and cann't wait to go back. Have fun and be safe!!!!!!!
  7. I did the alimony to prove a point to him. I ask for a very small amount for 2 yrs.
  8. I have to be honest it has not been the easiest thing I have ever done. But I stood my ground did not move an inch and didn't take anything from him. All I ask for was for reasonable things and my life. Finally after 6 monthes from signing papers the court agreed. One of the best things is no more excuses on child support or alimogy. It comes straight from his pay check to ME! But I do wish everyone who has to go thru a divorce the best. Like I said it is not the easiest thing to do.
  9. Thanks everyone. Congratulations are in order because I start a whole new chapter in life. I am still going to try very hard to be a friend b/c we have a child but he cann't control things or me NOW! Again thanks.
  10. It is finally over. I got my signed Divorced Papers in the mail today. I had a wonderful marriage for years and then 3 yrs ago he started failing the marriage. Girlfriends and wives don't work!!!!! So, I'm very excited that I can move on now.
  11. I knew that I looked for you but didn't see ya. Thanks for thinking of us. See ya soon.
  12. My Jackson graduated last night from his Pre-K program. We have had the best teachers this year. Wanted to share some pictures. It was held at the Dallas Theater.
  13. bp952

    New Grandbaby

    "Aunt" Sharon she is beautiful. I know that you and Mark are proud. I wish the best for all. Give her sugs from Jackson and myself.
  14. You should give 655 West a call. They are located in Hiram on Rich Davis Road. I use them for several events. I am going to do my mom's 60th surprise party there soon. You can check their website out www.655west.com , then call them for a quote. I love it there. Good luck.
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    My Mom

    I already have you on my address list.
  16. bp952

    My Mom

    letting evening guys see.
  17. bp952

    My Mom

    My mom is going to be the BIG 60 this year. I am getting ready to up come with plans on a surprise party. I need your help. If you went to school with my mom I would love for you to attend. Graduating class of 1968 from Dallas High School. Or if you know my mom I would love for you to attend. Trying to get my guest list together. Please pm me or email me your name and address so I can gets things done. Her name is Lavelle Daughter of Waitcel and Marie Daughter in law of Loyd and Lucille Married Jimmy and has two daughters Lana and Alisha Please help me make this a day to remember......... pm me on paulding.com
  18. This is the email that I sent to our family and friends that Jill is talking about. You would all just have to know Jackson to truely understand. I am so blessed with a wonderful, caring son. "Good Morning Friends and Family, Just wanted to share a few words and pictures from our Disney vacation this week..... First and formost we must thank Our Lord for keeping us safe on our trip and back home. Then we must thank Jill from Jill's Magical Travel for helping us pick out a vacation that was best for us. We could not have had any better of a trip. Jackson had a blast. He keep me entertained the entire trip for telling me "That all this walking was for the birds!" to him wanting to help with the luggage saying "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!!!" Not only was I laughing, people around us couldn't help laughing with me. He was the sweetest and most polite 5 yr old there. Did not understand when someone would not talk back to him. I had to explain that they did not speak English. So in the Jackson spirit of things he would just waved at them then. Then there was the trip to Down Town Disney. What a beautiful place at night. We ran into some "Sisters" I explained to Jackson that these women were Nuns. He wanted to talk with them. This is where I could have cried. He asked Sister Theresa and Sister Mary and Mrs. Judy to pray for our friend Laura Turner. She was sick again and that his mom had always told him to pray for things that he wanted.... Then in Jackson spirt he looked at them and said "How ya think I got here???" I prayed! My mom told me I need to pray that we would be able to go so I prayed every night. Look Sisters, I am at Disney. They had a blast and had a little prayer with him for Laura. I could have just cried...... So the sister's got ready to leave and told Jackson that he was a special and blessed child of God and in his response he told them to have a safe trip home and very nice meeting them. With a big hug and kiss. Well, I could go on for hours but I have alot to do before going back to work. Lana and Jackson" These are the "Sisters" Jackson meet.
  19. Pics a us at Disney, Animal Kingdom and on airplane
  20. Yeah!!!!! I am proud for you and him.
  21. I thought that it was very reasonable for us to fly. We were picked up at the airport and then took to our resort. Then we were transport anywhere we wanted to go by bus. I loved it. I have drove before but I prefer flying.
  22. Thanks to Jill of Jill's Magical Travel we had a blast this week in Disney. It felt great to be able to get on a plane and not worry about a thing. It was soooo much for for Jackson at our resort that he did not want to leave. Maybe next time I will just pay for the airplane and resort. No touring. But we did get out to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Had beautiful weather. And I brought home a little man that has the best tan and me of course red as a ever. Thanks again Jill for your help!!!!
  23. Good Night all..... Got to get up early in morning. Jackson and I are going to DISNEY. My first vacation with only the 2 of us. See ya all at the end of the week.
  24. Erica, Had a blast doing auditions today even if you did say a stupid answer. Who would have thought that you of all people could come up with something like that. But it was a GOOD ANSWER!!!!!!! Everyone send us good vibes. It would be soooo fun to do the real thing.
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