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  1. I'm sorry Dot, but you do not understand the issues correctly. You still want Paulding County the way it was back in the 50's and that's never going to happen. Let me ask you one question, do you want a bunch of commissioners that all agree with what the Chairman wants or people who are going to speak out and ask questions?
  2. I almost missed this part. Todd has been a Realtor and a managing broker for a long time and has more connections to the builders and developers in this county then anyone else I know. How is this a break from the RBMD's? Is he going to shut down his business? I doubt it.
  3. There is ONLY one person here with an ax to grind! Your preferred candidate would be much better served if you were talk about their good work and planned agenda, instead of playing dirty politics on the behalf of that canidate. It appears that people are getting tired of this!
  4. So you want to chastise her for being smart enough to request an employment contract when being transferred due to political reasons? I think it was a smart move on her part. Sounds like to me she is someone who knows how politics works and knows how to get things done! You are free to think and vote like you want.
  5. That is your right to vote like YOU want. But can you provide PROOF of your accusations?
  6. That's because you have asked well thought out and great questions with an open, honest thought process. He's never going to answer them, never does! Oh, great questions!
  7. Good post animal! I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, but that was a good post!
  8. Dang Pubby, right after I give you props, you revert back to the darkside and starting making statements about something unrelated to the topic at hand. I ask again, do you have any proof of your accusations? Or mearly conjecture on your part because of an experience from 34 years ago?
  9. So, have you actually talked to her or are you pulling this out of your backside like usual? I have talked to her and her only reason for running was because people were still calling her needing help and she was no longer able to do so. After many, many request for help and people asking her to run for office, she decided to run.
  10. Dang Pubby, did YOU write this? That was the best, most researched post I have see yu make ina long time! Good Job! I know we would get you to leave the "The Dark Side" sooner or later!
  11. If you are not concerned with mold/mildew, rotting wood and other water damage, then you could attempt to fix it yourself. But I would recommend hiring a professional. Maybe a 3rd like a home inspector. At the very least have the roofing company come back out that did the work. Doesn't sound like they did a complete repair job.
  12. lol, now that explains a lot! And he says he lives in post 3!
  13. Might want to dig a little deeper! It's there in one form or another!
  14. What the heck are you talking about? How the heck are these two situations related? What we were trying to ask Seabolt was first reported in the news media. Your accusations have no basis. No related in any way!
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