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  1. I don't know, but it looked as if EVERY SINGLE Dallas officer/vehicle was there... I DO know that our "little" community is NOT what it used to be...
  2. Passed it too, about 25 minutes ago... I'm assuming the same (robbery). That makes 3 convience stores & a bank in this area in just a few weeks. So sad..
  3. I have a trimmer that doesnt run...Would you be able to look at it & tell me if it is beyond repair? If it is fixable & worth it, can you give an estimate of what it may cost to fix it? I live off Goldmine, but work in Hiram. Are either of these areas where you could pick it up?
  4. Supposidly there are police, fire, and "black SUV's" there also. Going on over half an hour now.... Fire drill?
  5. With the elementary school letting out a little bit ago, I sure hope no kiddos (or anyone, for that matter) are injured. Thats a terrible intersection.
  6. Oh my.....I have these little critters TERRIBLY at my house!! When I bought my house (2yrs ago) I thought my house was infested with them. I've only gotten 'stung' once, but that was enough! Felt like a hornet sting.... I was killing 4 or 5 a week. I use Micro Pest Control, and told him thats what my biggest 'problem' was (along with these brown crazy looking spiders) and he came out and sprayed. Whatever he used, IT WORKS!! I only see them dead now YEAH me!!
  7. I've talked to several folks about this, such a sad story. I do know that the building that is Simmons Engeneering (behind Kroger) was used as a makeshift morgue...
  8. Me and my 3 youngins' are going! 3rd yr in a row for us!! We have such a good time! Can't wait!
  9. Lay em' down is MY FAVORITE song!! So awesome!! (and needed this morning
  10. I sure hope there are a few of these warm beautiful days next week when the kiddos are out of school!!
  11. Just saw on the news that an arrest has been made. Someone in the complex was arrested today. News conf. is scheduled for this afternoon.
  12. I've made an appt for family pictures to be made soon, and the photographer is pretty much willing to meet us anywhere (within reason) for them to be taken. I am going to have them done outside, but I don't want them made in Downtown Dallas or the Marietta Square... I'd like for it to be local, and somewhere with a barn or old 'rustic' building (or something along those lines). Any ideas?
  13. I HIGHLY recommend BlueSky Services. They came highly recommended to me as well from several people. The gentleman that came out was David Blair. www.trybluesky.com They cleaned my carpets last weekend, and he did a wonderful job!! (They have also pressure washed my house...great job there, too!!) PM for contact info.
  14. Jamie was my boyfriend in middle school also. (We all may know each other Ladies man, he was. My prayers are with his children, mother, grandmother and family. So sad.
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