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  1. What a beautiful tribute! Prayers for the entire family for the loss of this beautiful child......
  2. Bummer! I was hoping my source was reliable! Looks like a lot of grading for just a McDonald's!
  3. As far as tanning, there are three...one in Kroger shopping center, one at publix at seven hills and one at cedarcrest and 41. By far the one at 7 hills is the best! IMO
  4. As far as nail salons go on cedarcrest, there are two at crossroads, one in the publix at seven hills, one at the LaBamba shopping center and one at the publix at 41. My favorites are the one in Kroger shopping center and one in LaBamba shopping center. So we have 4 in a few mile radius... ))
  5. I heard that Old Town bar and grill was moving from kennesaw to this location....perhaps it is going to be a site for both??
  6. I saw the police escort this morning in Polk County and was confused as to what it was. Many of us pulled over thinking it was a funeral procession. I did not see a runner... I am curious now what was going on......... edited to say I now see that it was a run.......and apparently was something pretty big........glad to have seen it!
  7. Any kind of TEA........Yuck! I'm told I could not have been raised in the south and not like sweet tea! But I really hate it!
  8. I sure hope this is resolved by tomorrow....we are going crazy here at our house! One Nursing student, a high school student, a business from home and a nosey Mom without internet is one sad house!!!!
  9. What a tough night! So many great talents did not make it...... Disappointed Dexter made it.....he had the heart factor but not the talent over some of the other guys. Over 30's were really good - The girls category was fierce! So glad Melanie was saved! And the blond girl can't remember her name (maybe Caitlyn?) She was so good.... Tia is a joke! Wish 4 sure would have made it! What a great show!!! It is just gonna keep getting tougher though!
  10. Melodie


    North lost sorry but I cant recall the score. Sprayberry was tough and we had several injuries....
  11. Great North/Paulding game!! Both teams played hard!! PC did not seem prepared at all for the game though..........The lines to get into the game were ridiculous.....
  12. We are self insured with Coventry and pay around $450.00 per mo for two healthy adults (over 50) and one child. We do carry a high deductible for hospitalization to keep the price down. Co-pays are $30.00 for office visits and prescriptions. I like Coventry and Humana Plans the best. Had not great experiences with Blue Cross in the past. They like to go up on your premiums every six months. Good Luck!
  13. Fill out the app, get a pic from a drug store, and go to the paulding county clerk of court and drop it off.....or go to the Acworth post office.....it is really pretty simple.... good luck!
  14. I have always heard about the bird in a house foretelling death. This happened the weeks leading up to my Father-In-Laws Death as well. Now, this probably sounds crazy but over the past few weeks I have noticed birds constantly flying in front of me while I'm driving. I mean really close and me almost hitting several a day. In fact I actually hit a red bird the other day which upset me terribly. I have never noticed this happening to me before. I have been worried that this is a sign of something that is going to happen......Hoping I'm just being silly.
  15. I have a Droid and hate it..............I so miss my flip phone!!!!
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