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  1. Channel 2 is doing a report on the 11 o'clock news about Gymtyme. This a local cheerleading gym. It seems the owner has taken off with thousands of dollars in fees paid by the parents for their kids to compete.
  2. My sister had to apply for the medical marijuana card through the state I believe. Then she had to see a Dr that doesn't take ins.to prescribe it. She still doesn't have it but my niece is suppose to be included in a study so hopefully she will receive it soon. She also has seizures. She spent 7 weeks in CHOA this summer. 5 of those weeks were in icu. I hope your friend finds relief.
  3. I had not heard of this until last month. My jaw swelled and hurt. I went to an ent. I had to wait a week for my appointment. By that time ,I could not eat. I was given antibiotics and had to go back ten days later. I was told to eat sour candy also but if my mouth watered, I would be in terrible pain for about fifteen minutes. When I went back to the Dr. he actually had to cut the stone out from under my tongue. The stone was about the size of a baby tooth. I hope they get yours taken care of before you have pain. Hey on the upside, I lost six pounds! lol
  4. Rookie, I understand. My mom has always been very active and healthy. Her diagnosis was very surprising. Her cancer was found by chance. I remember walking into those appointments with her and I really wanted to turn around and run. For a while,I woke up every morning and said to myself "Wow, my mom has cancer." It would hit me all over again. Just know that you will get passed this. Your mom is fortunate to have you to help her through this.
  5. My mom just finished chemo. I bought her some scarves that were Bohemian headwraps. I found them at Ulta. I think Plum Fancy had some also. You could also try www.headcovers.com. I didn't order anything from them but their prices are much cheaper than any I have found. She got a wig at Merle Norman in Hiram. You might also contact Loving arms cancer outreach. They have many resources for cancer patients. Prayers for you and your family
  6. TONYA


    My husband also went to Dr. Smith at the Galleria. It has been about ten years since he had the procedure done. He did get the lifetime plan. I think it was around $3,000.He had amazing results. Good luck!
  7. We also went through this. They could not see my mom for over a month. We had the primary Dr. call and make an appointment and they had her in at 8 the next morning. They told us a Dr. can make an emergency appointment that we can't. I hope you find a great dr.
  8. I take my mom to Wellstar pulmonary in Douglasville. They have been very good to her.She really likes Dr. Binu George. She has been diagnosed with COPD for a couple of years and is now undergoing treatment for lung cancer.
  9. I like European Body wraps in Villa Rica. They are on fb.
  10. That is going to be a Bealls store.
  11. The Windy Hill camera got our daughter also.
  12. Someone brought a male Jack Russell dog to Mirror Lake Animal Hospital. His pic is on the MLAH fb page. The dog was found at Publix in New Ga.
  13. Maybe the Avenues location will happen one day. I go to the WF on Johnson Ferry. I don't care for the Harry's store. Even though they were bought by WF, that store doesn't carry some of the products we like and it seems dirty. Now I can stop by when I make a Costco run. That will be great.
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