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  1. I print directions from the google, mapquest or yahoo and use my garmon GPS. I can not solely rely on my GPS since it often searches for signals for a while and doesn't always go the way I like to go. But it is useful when I need it. I am towing my pop-up camper this weekend so I do not want to drive on the interstate, so I printed directions. I will probably have the GPS running as well.
  2. I would just try to keep the kids from playing in the streets. They should know the streets are for cars. I remember when I lived in a Pauldng neighborhood I would routinely have to stop for a gang of kids standing or walking in the road. They would not get out of the way. When I honked they would just shoot you a bird. Also, if you put up your own signs, code enforcement may come and remove them.
  3. I would pass them on to a family member who would want them. That value is a lot more than you would get out of them otherwise.
  4. Yesterday was also Earth Day. I wasn't off work, could have used it if we were!
  5. Have peas, pinto beans, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, chives, parsley, rosemary, carrots, and peppers. Also have muscadine, scuppernong, blueberries, strawberries, and plum. We have raised beds and pots.
  6. Stayed at the AVIA last year. It was a free 2 night stay I won. It is pricey, but nice and great location.
  7. Probably depends on if you want the basic cheap insurance that will not actually cover you in the event you actually need it or a higher priced insurance provider that you spend thousands on coverage and when something happens out of your control and they pick you apart and leave you still paying to fix it...as you may be able to tell, I have some issues with insurance companies ;-)
  8. When they decide to remove the gauge from their ears, they end up with a saggy ear lobe..now what? Do you cut it off, let it sag?? When getting that or a neck tattoo, you have to realize that you ARE cutting out certain opportunities. Like it or not, people ARE judging and it IS going to keep you from landing certain jobs.
  9. I enjoy running, most of the time. It does seem to come and go for me. How long does it take to walk 5 miles?
  10. 8 straight season of 1K yards rushing, since taking over the starting role. Plus, a great receiving RB. Now the defense doesn't automatically know if we are running or passing, based on if Jaquizz or Turner was in there. I'm glad to see our home team is making moves. They obviously do not hit on every move, but great to see them making moves to win now. I don't expect Jackson to be here more than 2 years or so, they are using him to win now, along with Tony G.
  11. I bet they made them clear the dam of trees and cut back the vegetation. May have issues with the outlet control. Once you clear the trees, be sure to keep up with keeping it mowed down. The intitial cost of removing trees is expensive, it is best to keep up the maintenance.
  12. There are lots of people that would rather not work and receive free money than work for their dollar. The welfare programs, along with others, were set up to "help" those in need, but instead it is a free handout.
  13. I agree, the local govt is a lot different than the federal govt. If citizens do not like something on the local level, they can go to the meetings and demand something and things happen. On the Federal level, you demand and no one listens.
  14. Check the County/City you are in as well. Some have codes/ordinances regarding driveways, like number of driveways, distance between driveways, distance between driveway and property line....Not saying you can't do it, just something to check on. Does this neighborhood have a sidewalk that you will have to pour in your lot frontage?
  15. Is the subdivision Sewer or Septic? If septic, the soil types will determine where the septic field lines will go.
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