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  1. Mine droped 14K...it is now worth about 10K LESS then what I bought it for in "1987" - twenty five years later - it's really rather sickening.
  2. Could be legit, but also could be someone scouting out the ac unit, copper piping, and a host of other things to steal on an empty house. Probably more the latter then legit, seeing as they bolted once questioned, but at least if they weren't legit, they now know THAT n'hood is being watched and likely won't be back!
  3. I see no reason to post a reply to a question that was already asked when they can go back and read the topic for the answer, which they should have done in the first place. By going back and reading the topic (which is only on the 2nd page here so that is really not TO much to expect!) they will have answers to ALL the questions that were asked so their inquiring mind doesn't repeat yet another question. Now, I had lunch at Oga's today but I gotta go as I'm off to Fred's, then dinner at Carini's, pick up a few groceries at the Hiram Kroger on my way home, and my last stop tonight is the Ace H
  4. Not sure if this is the one you are looking for, Carlton Farms, in Rockmart? http://www.carltonfarm.com/
  5. Hightower Falls in Cedertown is not to far off the road up 278...it used to be real reasonable to rent the place and you could do your own catering, not sure if that has changed so you'd have to call and ask them about it...it's gorgeous!! http://hightowerfalls.com/ And there is also the McGarity House in Paulding County: http://www.themcgarityhouse.com/
  6. I'm right there withcha; and I find the timing of the announcement suspect as just a few weeks back he made a lewd comment to a Christian College student (she was a gymnist). For those of you that DO watch it I just caught the last few moments that day and it was right at the end of the show when they brought the girl out, even Kelly had to reprimend him and then quickly apologized to the girl. I figured that S was going to hit the fan after that one so that and eveything else, it looks to me they gave him his walking papers and are letting him save face by announcing it as 'retirement', and h
  7. Congratulations, and glad to hear that you were able to make the trip (I never had any doubt that you wouldn't make it)
  8. Thinking of you today HopeFloats, and hoping you are having a FABULOUS reunion at Parris Island!
  9. He's probably not even a bagger but just filling in that position for those that couldn't get to work...probalby had never seen a reusable bag before yours.
  10. Don't kid yourself on that, I was a sub for awhile in a neighboring county and the subs sort and carry the same load the regulars do - if it's there they haul it! You only got 2 pieces because there isn't 3 days worth of mail for them to deliver - yet - they have to get the BIG trucks shipping it in b4 they can sort and deliver it to you - and you've seen the news - most BIG trucks are still sitting on the Interstates somewhere.
  11. Mail just came to my house; off of EPD and the road by the WalMart)...it was all junkmail so I really feel sorry for them having to get out in this....I doubt our local PO has had much mail come into it the last few days, I doubt that even the main Atl PO or Rome regional had deliveries from beyond these last few days so mail w/b backed up for awhile, just as deliveries everywhere are going to be backed up for awhile.
  12. HI, I was at your Looking Good cancer class back in December: Happy Birthday!!
  13. Quoted above: The problem is that clearing an interstate with 2 lanes each way is easy and any podunk county can have the equipment to do it. Having 3 or more lanes is a lot more complicated. You can't clear the middle lane without another plow following close behind to clear the lane you're throwing the snow into. Multiply that to 5 or more lanes each way and it's a complicated task even for those up north who do it all the time. Salt/gravel is good for a thin layer of ice. It isn't as effective for the thicker ice like we get here. They were saying there was an inch or more in s
  14. Family day IS great and I would never advise to miss it. The South does have it bad but they also are expected to get some higher temps by Wed, versus our area. Knowing the route, I went to the weather channel and did a brief trip summary for you. If you leave early Wed you will still run into some lower temps, but it looks as if you leave early afternoonish the temps South will be warmer and thus the roads s/b more clear - it just may take awhile longer then normal. Here's an example (Beaufort SC is one of the closest towns to Parris Island as this didn't work using Parris Island), you can go
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