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  1. I think we paid about $80 per night at Brookstone. Included a free continental breakfast. Usually means bagels and fruit. Not here - eggs, sausage, grits, biscuits, muffins, yogurt,cereal, fruit, english muffins and a "make your own waffle" bar/machine. Hotel was about 1 mile from the Biltmore entrance. We booked thru Travelocity. Good luck!
  2. If you are looking for a nice, clean hotel...we just stayed last weekend at the Brookstone Lodge and Resort. Small, 3 story hotel right off the interstate, but really close to Biltmore. Room was EXTREMELY clean and comfy and we didn't pay a fortune for it either. Biltmore was beautiful all lit up for Christmas.
  3. SEvans

    HWY 61

    Howdy Neighbor! I live off High Shoals too and feel the same way! Stay on edge when I hear of an accident around us and usually look in my driveway to count cars or start calling my kids to see where they are. That whole stretch from the bridge at Pumpkinvine Creek to Braswell Mt. Rd is the most dangerous area of 61.
  4. I work for a private school where MacBooks are issued for every Middle and High school student. They go home with the students and are used for access to MOST of their textbooks. There are some books that are still not available online or in PDF form. As the Technology Coordinator, I've seen what great tools they are for creativity and even organization for many students. I've also seen the maintenance and repair side of things too. Our parents pay a mandatory technology fee each year for their student to use the laptops. We offer them the option of picking up an insurance policy to cover any accidental damages or theft that may occur while it's issued to their student. There is a deductible for each incident (cracked screen, case, etc.). If the parent "opts out" of the insurance, they sign an agreement stating that they understand they are responsible to pay for any such damages out of pocket. Apple Care is not the same as Insurance. Apple Care is warranty coverage and only covers manufacturer defects - not damages. Although I am available most days to help troubleshoot minor problems, I have to have a certified Mac IT person come in and take care of the major stuff...hardware issues, problems with the server, etc. Mac people are great...but they are usually not cheap. Putting in a WiFi system in all of the schools may be what Apple is selling, but the setup and maintenance of the network and user profiles will likely not be included in that $500 per student price. Not to mention data recovery for lost documents, etc. "The dog ate my homework" will now be replaced with "The iPad lost the file" or "My profile was corrupt and it disappeared." Technology is great, and even though I am not in the public schools, I have many friends who are. I would hate to see funds that should be spent on teacher salaries and decreasing class sizes be spent on equipment that may not be supported. Public schools do not have the luxury of telling parents that they have a "mandatory" technology fee to cover these expenses. I know there are great kids in the public schools who would absolutely do wonderful things with this technology and there are struggling kids who can be helped. I'm just afraid the financial support will not be there and the taxpayers will be left holding a bill for ($500 x every middle school student) for equipment that is not properly supported or cared for.
  5. SEvans


    Definitely talk to a realtor and to an attorney or tax person. Short sale and walking away can leave you in a bigger mess than just ruining your credit. You could also have to claim as income the difference between what you owe on the house and what it actually sells for. Ex: you owe $128,000 and you let it go into foreclosure...the bank sells it for $98,000 on the courthouse steps. You could have to claim that $30,000 difference as income on your tax return and owe money on that too. If you aren't behind, I would say stick it out and hang on for as long as you can. Keep working with BOA to find a solution to keep your home. Things are bound to turn around soon. ...live in a neighborhood where lots of folks have "walked away". May not be as easy as it sounds.
  6. SEvans

    HWY 61

    Husband just went up that way to get to work and says it is pretty clear all the way to Old Alabama/Red Top connector. He was headed to Calhoun and said the further North he went the better the roads were.
  7. Mail delivered here today...earlier than usual too. Must have been a lot of places our carrier still can't get to!
  8. Lots of neighbors on here today. I live close by too. Just haven't bothered to get out and about today to find out.
  9. My son just called and said there are a bunch of trailers/motor homes in the Rock Store area and signs that say "Cast and Crew here". Anyone know if something or what is being filmed around here?
  10. Depends on which part of 92 they are trying to get through. My parents called a couple of hours ago and said there was a bad wreck or something going on near Stars and Strikes. They said life-flight was there and they had to cut through the S&S parking lot to get around it all. I came on here to see if there was any word. I don't subscribe to the police scanner archive things so I couldn't listen.
  11. Went to lunch in Hiram today around 1:00 and when I came out, they were passing my location. It was very touching to see them coming home. No camera here either, but I did manage to wave at them and say a prayer of Thanks to God for getting them home safely!
  12. Or put clothes in the washer and forget to close the lid!
  13. EMT was talking to the man on the ground (he wasn't moving) when I drove past on the way to school. Life Flight helicopter was on the scene (gravel lot on Rock Store Rd.) when I returned from taking the kids to NPHS. I was hoping for more info on here too. Hoping he's going to be okay.
  14. Adding to WTA's post....I joined Thrive in late June...began July 1st and have lost 30 lbs. and over 35" of body fat since that day. It is a HEALTHY, BALANCED (you get to eat some carbs) lifestyle!! The instructors are very focused on making sure that you know HOW to eat (portions, combinations, timing, etc.) Exercise helps to boost your metabolism too. You find that once you feed your body the proper "fuel", you WANT to get up and move. No pills, gimmicks or extra stuff that you have to buy. Everything comes from your regular grocery store. Learning the appropriate portion sizes and combinations is key!! Best $200 I ever spent - it has totally changed my views on food! Also, got my BP under control without meds now...with my Dr.'s approval and recommendation. The only other thing I have had to buy is NEW CLOTHES because all of mine are too big!!
  15. Hoping they will take the days we've missed this week and make them up during the pointless "Winter Break" in February. Don't want to be in school half the summer. Don't get me wrong...I think PC is making the right calls right now due to all the road/property damage and displaced families. I just hope that they will consider those days for make-ups instead of extending the school year later into the summer. I work in Cobb and am ready to get back to my normal schedule too as soon as it is safe for everyone to do so.
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