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  1. Does anybody else have an original p.com dollar? I still have mine . I also found my pcom tunnle workers sticker.
  2. It has been two years today that my father inlaw charles Hart passed away. I know he is in heaven watching overall of us. Love and miss you so much. See one day again.
  3. ok im headed out the door will check this when i get to my moms. hope soome of yall would like to go get a ite on saturday .
  4. thank you so very much ....i miss ya alots .
  5. bluefroggy


    heck yes me and my mom both play....
  6. sorry about the flat and i hope you can make it ..
  7. sat. as i will be driving down on friday...
  8. say aroud 1 pm and where its up to yall.. i vote for mexican but it really doesnt matter...
  9. bluefroggy


    I know its a little late to ask but ill be in town this weekend and would love to have lunch. is thier anybody out there interested please let me know ,....i guess this would have to happen on saturday,, say around 1 pm ..and yall can pick the place .
  10. HEY GIRLFRIEND , we have so missed ya . come back a bit more ..
  11. home made veggie/beef soup and cornbread.
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