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  1. Ask beachbum. She know all about background checks .
  2. Good, you get the point. However I bow to one God. BTW, seeing that my grand parents were 'rounded up for extermination', I'll pass on being an extermeist. You, and your thoughts about me can take a flying leap. UMMM K.
  3. BLAH BLAH BLAH......... Rockysmon, you're a real troublemaker behind a keyboard, but a puss when it comes face to face. Soooooo, don't tell me how to act or react.
  4. I was only pointing out the facts. Om's chanting is not a Christian giving glory to the God I worship. Patti could be Hindi for all.I know. More power to her. You just used the wrong backdrop for Hindi worship. The God I worship must not be the same as others here. To worship in a Christian by starting a prayer with "om's" would be rejected. Try it, go to a Christian church, with thumb to middle finger start om-ing the chant of a false god. In the house of the Lord. I'm sure the pastor will educate you. And BTW, as usual you make up lies . I've told no one how to worship. I never mentioned
  5. Who mentioned you? I could careless about your communication with God.
  6. I don't know to who Patti was praying, but "om-ing" is a Hindu chant glorifying Hinduism. "Om-ing" chanting is not meant for the Christian God. Thought you would know this, but it seems not since the background projected was that of a Christian place of worship.
  7. Great post Whitey. Some people can't see anything done wrong in the beginning of this mess. Austin is wrong and denied the public knowledge of commercialization. Instead they turn a blind eye and say too bad, the airport is here. I'm for business growth, just not corruption in our county government. Plus the supporters that believe everything on that support FB page are off the deep end.
  8. Now that Americans will be using Turkey as a base to fight ISIS, I predict an incerase in terrorism here and overseas.
  9. Pubby, This is the truth. You are hurting P.com and yourself. People don't post here because of the insults. There is no organized effort to see P.com go under. If you owned a restaurant would you insult your customers and expect them to return?
  10. Austin ran on a platform of lies. He fooled his supporters and promised transparent government.
  11. Facts don't lie. David Austin and the chamber head, PCAA and David Austin can suck it. Whatever the outcome.
  12. I tip my ammo in pigs blood.....just in case...... No virgins for you.
  13. Pubby, You are driving out membership. Don't you get it? BTW, straidal is hot. Not because of his looks, I've never seen him. His humor and comical take on subjects make him attractive. Just the oppisite of the slur and selfrightious spewings on the 'whine, bitch and insult show.' Stop hurting P.com.
  14. TP, read TITUS 1,2 and 3. It may help you.
  15. Pubby, You're talking about a real life SUPER HERO!! Ant Man has nothing on him.....
  16. Pubby, The P& P &D show is driving away members. It is not a good business plan to have a whining contest every week. I thought you were above getting on camera and spewing insults and giggling like a six year old, but I am wrong. The screaching of those two voices sounds like fingernails against a chalkboard. Can you do something to tone them down, digitally, of course.
  17. Went to visit Thad amd Melissa today. Thad lauguhed at me as I entered the room. He was in good spirits. He was sitting up in a recliner and Melissa said he had walked, with much help, 100 feet. YIPPIE! That's a good start. Talked to melissa, Thad had a setback involving his resperator, but that one has been resloved. Melissa wanted me to express how much it means for her and Thad what everyones outpouring of love and care means to them. They are so appreciative, more than you know. If she could she would hug each and every one of you. Please keep up the prayers, they are needed.
  18. There is no such thing as a "moderate" muslim. They believe the words of the quran. The praticers take the work of muhammad as the solem truth. Right? The quran says, 'decieve all non-believers' if it furthers islam. The quran has 109 refrences of "death to infidels'.
  19. Dana, I had a short vistit Saturday and a quite long talk with Melissa. Thad was in great spirits. LOL! I told him I started to bring he and Melissa a nice bottle of wine to celebrate his full recovery, Thad have me a devilish grin and two thumbs up. Then he wanted me to make a list of just what he wanted. All in due process. It was so nice to see him awake and alert. The last time I saw him he was in a very bad state. My love and prayers go to this beautiful couple. They are the example I follow in my marriage, such a great example for us all. God Bless them and keep them in his graces.
  20. Lousie, the Morrisons daughter, has asked for friends to visit Thad at Kennestone Hospital. The family believes seeing friends will help in his recovery. I plan on going today. If anyone needs a ride to the hospital today just PM me. I will be happy to give anyone a lift.
  21. Long time...glad to heard from you.
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