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  1. Cindy's Kitchen from Hiram is going there as soon as it is brought to current codes.
  2. http://Remember the shetland pony on the airplane and at our own Paulding Meadows ther was a service Bearded Lizard.
  3. My brother lived right behind the crash on Old Cartersville Road. He was one of the first paid fire fighters to respond to assist in the rescue efforts.
  4. We use Scana and very happy with rate .55 therm
  5. JYD


    The Costco brand in their liquor store area is very good.
  6. Chief's was a home away from home when I was stationed at NAS Atlanta. All the others several times.
  7. Maybe the county used a psychic for the land at the new jail. Just saying
  8. JYD


    I noticed that we spent many dollars to purchase the old bank building , gut it and spent whatever to renovate it for the water department which is in the courthouse complex.
  9. Dr.Hersh Chopra Georgia Eye Specialist 770-419-1393 they just did both my eyes and I have 20/20. I wore glasses 65 years and feel great.
  10. JYD


    My question would be didn't they see any of these problems when the courthouse was built? If not then how did they miss the rock and landfill with both of the buildings they built. They had to have drilled for soil samples back then.
  11. We have a full house and one of our icons MARKDAVID is one of our exhibators , Come on out and visit.
  12. Well youngsters in 69 , I had been to Vietnam twice and back-- GOD I am old.
  13. No but I bet he saw Fred Astar
  14. CDB at Tuscaloosa,Al with 5th row seats.
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