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  1. It's been a long time. I'm just droppin' in to wish everyone a merry Christmas!
  2. Same thangs potted meat is made of: peckers and snouts. Seriously though: why is the McRib cycled on and off the menu? It's because there's very little scrap left over after a hawg is butcher'd. It takes a year or two of savin' up 'em scraps to have enough to make a mill run of sammiches.
  3. Use synthedic oh-ul'n'I change it ever yeer wuther its needed 'r not. I use moe-bile 1 'cause of 'er commercials.
  4. I remember being hunched over drafting table when a German friend of mine came by to say hi. Just as he walked up I was converting yet another drawing dimension to metric and I growled "Fugking metrication!", and he replied, "You're saying it wrong" "What?" "Yea, you're saying it wrong: it's 'metri-fug-kation' not 'fugking metri-kation'.
  5. I wrote a short story about the '82 one--can't find it to post. I broke my leg while in redneck rapture.
  6. I left work early yesterday, because I could mainly, but also because I knew better. After getting home I spent the rest of the daylight hours rescuing neighbors' kids from school and daycare. I wuzza he-row. I didn't get stuck in the chaos; I used the tunnels.
  7. ...Institutions' natural reaction to a society, that because of [another topic] has to levy the criminal/civil justice system firstly instead of lastly. Zero tolerance--actually zero thinking--is the cool name we've given to the policy evolving in reaction to this heinous development. Zero thinking is actually that: it's a policy that doesn't allow [teachers etc.] to apply logic and knowledge to individuals' disciplinary reactions because a jury in a lawsuit might not agree with that reaction. Allowing a teacher to actually think exposes the institution to liability and litigation. So, to protect the institution, there's nothing to do but throw kids under the CCJS bus. I wish I had time to write about this more clearly but no, honestly, I don't feel like it. I'm tired of being the wild-eyed kook. I have a tendency to objectively analyze things to clear conclusion that almost never agrees with what people are conditioned to think by a media who're now in 'the news' business to make money. Journalism is extinct; murdered by technology so steeping us in information that we'd rather be entertained by 'news' than to be informed by it. Used to be information was hard to come by and so, heaven help the journalist who lied to misinform, especially if the misinformation was for political purpose. We're no longer--no, we haven't so much as noticed 'the news' now being a part of the entertainment a prosperous and secure people crave. The zero tolerance opinion above is the truth, and it's a truth one hasn't heard a peep about in the news until now when enough oxen have been gored by it that we want to hear the truth. Enough of our own kids are being thrown under the ZT bus by now that we're starting to see the consequences of it more clearly. We're starting to realize that it wasn't a good thing that would arrest just the bad kids, but by its very impassionate nature, ANY KID--YOUR GOOD KID TOO. We have the same problem in the CCJS system that we have in the election process. We have people sitting on juries and voting in elections who have no business doing so. In court, people who either lie about their impartiality and wish to sit to further their preferences, or don't even realize they're incapable of impartiality are sitting on juries and it has poisoned the system all the way to zero tolerance at school. People who don't have skin in the system; people who do not pay more tax into the system than they get out of it should not be allowed to sit on juries or vote in elections. See?--I'm a wild-eyed kook to most who have read this. Before grilling me, stop to think for a second: I'm tellin' y'all the absolute truth that happens to be bitter. Y'all's personal and media conditioned zero tolerance policies won't let y'all hear truth when the public narrative doesn't support it. Actually thinking about things and tellin' it like it is sux. It's lonely over here on the side of objectivity. It's depressing to know that what truth one writes will illicit nearly involuntary knee-jerking reactions toward painting him a racist and poor-person woman-hater. This is called "political correctness"--a widespread behavior that used to be called Fascism before it became a dirty word.
  8. Freakin' Siri...Is there a Siri-redneck app? Anyway: It's been back own fur a while.
  9. They reflect NOAA data which is right or wrong, have methods in use that are reviewed by a peer association--that produce accurate or not forecasts--or, forecasters face liability. Note that at th moment of this posting the valuable "Hourly Weather Graph" link associated with the attached NOAA link, is unavailable--not even shown for this area. Hummm. ....Changing it?
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