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  1. It's been a long time. I'm just droppin' in to wish everyone a merry Christmas!
  2. Same thangs potted meat is made of: peckers and snouts. Seriously though: why is the McRib cycled on and off the menu? It's because there's very little scrap left over after a hawg is butcher'd. It takes a year or two of savin' up 'em scraps to have enough to make a mill run of sammiches.
  3. Use synthedic oh-ul'n'I change it ever yeer wuther its needed 'r not. I use moe-bile 1 'cause of 'er commercials.
  4. I remember being hunched over drafting table when a German friend of mine came by to say hi. Just as he walked up I was converting yet another drawing dimension to metric and I growled "Fugking metrication!", and he replied, "You're saying it wrong" "What?" "Yea, you're saying it wrong: it's 'metri-fug-kation' not 'fugking metri-kation'.
  5. I wrote a short story about the '82 one--can't find it to post. I broke my leg while in redneck rapture.
  6. I left work early yesterday, because I could mainly, but also because I knew better. After getting home I spent the rest of the daylight hours rescuing neighbors' kids from school and daycare. I wuzza he-row. I didn't get stuck in the chaos; I used the tunnels.
  7. ...Institutions' natural reaction to a society, that because of [another topic] has to levy the criminal/civil justice system firstly instead of lastly. Zero tolerance--actually zero thinking--is the cool name we've given to the policy evolving in reaction to this heinous development. Zero thinking is actually that: it's a policy that doesn't allow [teachers etc.] to apply logic and knowledge to individuals' disciplinary reactions because a jury in a lawsuit might not agree with that reaction. Allowing a teacher to actually think exposes the institution to liability and litigation. So,
  8. Freakin' Siri...Is there a Siri-redneck app? Anyway: It's been back own fur a while.
  9. They reflect NOAA data which is right or wrong, have methods in use that are reviewed by a peer association--that produce accurate or not forecasts--or, forecasters face liability. Note that at th moment of this posting the valuable "Hourly Weather Graph" link associated with the attached NOAA link, is unavailable--not even shown for this area. Hummm. ....Changing it?
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