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  1. I miss the fundraisers and pcom meet n greets of yesteryear.
  2. We need it for 2 dogs. I just found out one of the two was diagnosed with heart worms yesterday. The embargo for them to fly out of the country ends Sept. 16. My parents had to leave them here because the dogs paperwork didn't meet the USDA reps specs.
  3. Does anyone know someone local who can board a dog long term?
  4. Paulding Gymnastics offers a summer camp. 770.445.5525
  5. We need to have our house pressure washed. Can you give us a recommendation on whom you would use?
  6. I refuse to turn it on. Heck, we didn't shut the windows until this morning.
  7. Are there any around here?
  8. I miss doing yoga. Are there any local yoga classes?
  9. Moonie we filed on 1/28 with an education credit. Our dates for receiving our refund were 2/24 - 3/10. I hope that helps.
  10. He made it through surgery and will be in ICU according to FB.
  11. We did a carry out tonight. 20" meat pizza, 12" cheese pizza, lasagna, and a pepperoni calzone. One word will describe it. Yum!!!! I can't wait to try breakfast.
  12. Stoddard's in Douglasville offers classes.
  13. I'm going to attempt to get my carry permit this week. My date is taking me to the range tomorrow.
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