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  1. As Curtis responded one of her sisters is taking care of the arrangements. I am just assuming but I would think her burial would be in her hometown of Monroeville, AL. Although maybe a memorial service in PC as her children were both raised in there teen years and Kathy was very much involved in her kids activities at school and knew folks in the community. Just soo sad
  2. was a honor to have you in uniform proudly on the floats holding the flag
  3. Figure out where we first met? I can't recall, but back then we got to meet a ton of community neighbors. LOL. Me and Kathy would run around the county doing community stuff and met some wonderful folks. We had fun!!!!!
  4. Need to go to archives to find past pics. Definite I have past pics like this. Let's celebrate the fun times
  5. Yeap. We were a team back then doing things in the community.
  6. You did Shed. Rodney's meet and great for lunch one day when Halo was doing traffic control equipment
  7. Very sad news when a couple of folks reached out this am to let me know. I will always cherish the great times we had. Comfort and peace my friend Kathy
  8. Awesome. Very interesting production to be apart of. The special effects and flashback scenes are unreal. Not sure if I can upload pics, got some pics from the studio last year and out on location. Cannot post any pics from season 2 since it has not aired yet
  9. Sleepy Hollow? Nah, FOX ordered a second season. Started filming late April/early May. FOX ordered 18 episodes which is unusual for a network to do but season 1 was a big hit. Season 2 premieres 9/22. I'm a background Orderly in a majority of the episodes that pertain, even thou we still have about three months to film
  10. Yeah, I take the beach for granted being a "local". Filming has been good this year on a few productions but about to end since the film incentives expire at the end of this year. Look out...............filming crews and family are moving to Georgia! Working Friday on a ABC tv show, have had a reoccurring BG role on Sleepy Hollow until December
  11. I'll be damn! I can log in under my old user name. I can chime in on my thoughts if any one is interested.
  12. allow outdoor seating dining areas that can serve adult beverages. Maybe for the city to help promote some small free "to the public" events on the square??? Fire off an email to your Mayor and ask him. The Mayor of Hiram has used the park, Ben Hill Strickland to entertain folks, and it's a great venue!!! You would have thought the Dallas officials would have used the improvements that were installed years ago to promote the city.
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