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  1. Hey, So I'm new to this site, I'm not completely sure how to use it yet lol so please excuse me for any errors I may make. So I've lived in Paulding my entire 24 years of life, in Hiram. Last year I had a baby (who is now 5 months old) and, due to maternity leave, plus COVID19, I lost employment. I know things are just now opening back up, and honestly, I'm scared to get back out there, and risk bringing anything home to my daughter. But I'm in desperate need of employment. Unfortunately, everything I have applied to, has been a dead end. I either hear nothing back from the potential employers, or I get the typical "unfortunately, we are not able to offer you a position at this time." (I have been applying since I was cleared to return to business as usual by my doctor in February.) If anyone can point me in the right direction, I have years of experience in sales, but I am willing to pursue employment in new fields, if that is where life takes me, granted there is an employer willing to take on someone with no experience in the field. Thank you in advance!
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