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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to reach out as we have recently taken over management of the Paulding Plaza shopping center off Merchants Dr. We have owed the center for some time and have removed the management company and are going to manage it in house. Since taking over the Plaza we have been working tirelessly to attract new tenants and help to lift the Plaza back up to it's previous status. In a few weeks a new restaurant concept we have leased to will be opening in the former Huddle House named Frannick's Cafe, the owner Nick is an experienced operator and a great guy who is setting up an amazing concept. All our operators are small business owners who we want to see thrive, and I wanted to reach out to the community for any input on what we could do to bring people back to the Plaza. We have some exciting prospects for new tenants, but I want to leave my door open for any input people may have. We want to be good neighbors to the community and listen to feedback from the residents. Feel free to respond below or email me directly at andrew@habifproperties.com Thanks to everyone and hopefully you will start seeing some big changes at the Plaza soon! Andrew Vayhinger Habif Properties.
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