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  1. Ten years ago, my husband was ill while driving and stopped at the funeral home. Sam put him in an ambulance and took him to the hospital; he had a brain bleed, so Sam's action saved his life. Clark Ambulance answered several 911 calls to our house over the next few years; every person who helped us was unfailingly kind and helpful. All the EMTs were knowledgeable and calmed this panicked wife while giving Bill wonderful care. When Bill passed away, Sam and his employees handled the funeral arrangements with dignity and compassion. I want to publicly express my gratitude to Sam for all he has done for my family, and for our community, these many years. Louise Leachman
  2. I was wondering if any one knew why moses went on lock down.My daughter said they were locked in their rooms for over an hour.The school site just says PCSD called and put them on lockdown for something going on near the school.
  3. I live on Frey right by Ivy Gulledge.I still have no clue what was going on but it was on the other end od Frey rd.
  4. does anyone know what was going on? they came in from both ends of Frey rd. with sirens and lights.I saw several police cars and rescue trucks.
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