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  1. The "gateway" theory has been disproved by many different research studies over the years. Drugs can be good or bad, depending on their use or abuse. Marijuana should be legalized, and its abuse should be treated as any other health issue.
  2. This entire issue is ridiculous. Transgender people use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable with now, and we don't even know it. Stalls maintain privacy, and nobody is the wiser. They won't use the shower or locker room opposite their birth gender because it would be obvious and violate public decency laws. No need for government intervention on either side. This is all a made up issue to keep us divided and focused on the sleight of hand so we don't complain about real issues.
  3. As long as it is latex paint, just let it dry out, then throw away with your trash.
  4. Not really sure what "authoritarian atheism" is. Could you explain?
  5. I didn't post anything inflammatory. On the contrary, I suggest that most of us should be able to agree that we don't want to be punished for speaking ill of someone else's diety or religion.
  6. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I'm sure none of us wants to be legally penalized for speaking ill of another's religion. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/religion/why-repealing-blasphemy-laws-might-help-promote-religious-freedom-analysis/2015/09/29/80125a9e-66e0-11e5-bdb6-6861f4521205_story.html
  7. I've really tried to be polite, but you just seem to want to be abrasive, and condescending. I have better things to do with my time. Have a good rest of the day. Oh, I missed that last part of your post. To assist YOUR comprehension, I was DENYING your accusation, and INVITING you to speculate all you like.
  8. A simplified tax code would be fantastic. Hopefully some of the other Republican candidates can piggy back on this and propose similar plans. But I doubt they will. Unfortunatel, this election cycle is going to be unmanageable until Trump finally drops out. He has some great ideas, but I just don't think the country as a whole is prepared to have a person like him as President.
  9. Okay, whatever you say. If you want to claim that gods aren't religious, awesome. And I don't have another name on here. But by all means speculate all you like.
  10. Not surprisingly, I have many friends that are religious. Some even know I am an atheist. Most are accepting and willing to discuss matters rationally, but I suppose honest debate is much easier when it is face to face with someone you have know. I also find that many atheist I know are also in the engineering and science fields...go figure. I understand what you are saying, my only point is that no matter "which" god it is referring to, it is still a religious figure. Regardless of the semantics, it is government endorsement of religion, even if it isn't a particular religion. See m
  11. Absolutely many atheists fall into the so-called "militant" category, and often cause significant division and animosity. In their defense, most of us atheist/humanist/agnostics feel very marginalized in this massively religious country, and when we see religion encroaching into our government, we feel the need to cry out loudly in protest. I try to not be militant, but I'm sure I can get carried away just like anyone else. And yes, I believe people should respect one another's right to believe in whatever they like as long as it doesn't impinge on another's rights. I feel that I respect
  12. It was a joke, just poking a bit of fun. If you want an honest answer, I wouldn't have a problem because Mickey Mouse is not a religious figure. And I don't really have an agenda. I just wanted to let it be known that not everyone supports this decision. Truth be told, I know that religion provides comfort and solace to many people. It used to do that for me as well. For that, I think religion is a good thing. If religion didn't also lead to so much division and animosity, the world would be a better place, but as I said earlier, it is what it is. None of which makes any of it true. Pr
  13. I would only object because it would make the police cars look silly for having a fairy tale character on them. So basically, it would be the same thing.
  14. 1. No, I understand, and im not interested in an argument about semantics.2. Not sure who you think I am, but okay.
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